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How to hang the hanging bubble chair


This guide is for Hanging bubble chair instructional purpose only. RegencyShop is not liable for any injury or damages. We highly recommend and advise professional installation for the hanging bubble chair. The hanging instructions only apply to RegencyShop’s hanging bubble chair. These instructions should not be used for inferior hanging bubble chairs sold by other retailers as they have different hook types, weight limit, and crack-prone ring and shell.

The hanging Bubble Chair adds a whimsical touch to any location. The chair swings freely from the ceiling and helps you feel a sensation of relaxation. Hanging the chair from a central beam helps avoid wasting space and adds a unique style to the room. Bubble chairs project an illusion of sitting on air and can be found in five star hotels, restaurants, and in the homes of the rich and fabulously famous. Follow the simple steps to transform your home with this luxurious piece.

Can Santa Claus enjoy the hanging bubble chair?

The RegencyShop hanging bubble chair will hold upto 300 pounds. This maximum load bearing weight takes into consideration the weight of the chair combined with the weight of the person who will recline in the chair.

How many trips to Home Depot (or Lowe’s) do I need to make?

A few tools need to be on hand for installation to be completed without a snag.

ü A Tape Measureü A Ladderü A Pencilü Stud Finder ü Drillü Screwdriverü A Friendü Eyescrew with locknut

ü S-hook

How can I hang the bubble chair without knocking the coffee table over?

Chair placement is crucial when hanging a Bubble Chair. The hanging bubble chair ought to be three feet from any wall and adjacent furnishings to prevent bumps and dings. Attaching the swinging chair to a joist is important so that the chair will not crash. The bubble chair turns your home into a fairytale, but you do not want to be like Cinderella’s stepsisters with a burst bubble after the ball.

What is my type? “Ceiling type” I mean.

For dropped ceilings, destruction and construction are involved. If your ceiling is lowered, you will have to cut a hole in the ceiling. Use a longer chain to loop it around the joist and then drop it through toward the floor. After the chain is in place, repair the hole in the ceiling and hook the chain to the chair. A licensed carpenter or contractor would have to go into the attic and attach a brace for the chain to attach to so that the integrity of the joists are not compromised.

For sheetrock ceilings, use a stud finder to locate beams and joists. Climb the ladder. Use a stud finder to find the ceiling support beam (joist) that will be supporting your bubble chair. Use a pencil to mark the spot on the ceiling. Have no worries about a pencil mark on the ceiling; the hardware will cover it. A licensed carpenter and potentially an electrician would have to go into the attic and attach a brace for the chain to attach to so that the integrity of the joists are not compromised.

For concrete ceilings, use a masonry bit and anchor bolts. You will follow the same procedures, but you will need an alternate drill bit known as a masonry bit to fasten the hardware to the ceiling. You will also need to use anchor bolts. • Measure the height of the room and measure the chain. Measure the height of the room. Subtract about five feet from this measurement. Measure the chain and shorten it to match. • Securing the chain to the ceiling is the next step.

An eyebolt and a locknut are the best choices for securing a chain to a joist. Drill a hole so that the eyebolt can be screwed into the ceiling. A ½ inch by 5 ½ inch eyescrew will support the weight of the chair and a large person. Drill a starter hole for the screw; then, place the screw in the hole. Use a screwdriver to turn the screw to the right to tighten it up. The ridges of the screw will grasp the wood and root into it as it bores into the joist making it secure. Attach an S-hook to the eyescrew, and then hook the chain to the bottom curve of the S-hook.

So the chain is secure and I am ready for gymnastics.
Wait, the chain is to hang the chair .. right.

After the chain is secured, the fun part comes next.
The chain should be dangling freely from the ceiling. Ask your friend to do this part: to hold the chair in place while you hook the chain to the chair. Then, direct your friend to wait as you sit to swing first. This is the hardest part because everyone wants to sit in the chair to swing.

Wow, the bubble chair looks beautiful. Now I love God, my mom, and RegencyShop!

Thank you, we really appreciate the love.

or Skip the hanging and buy the bubble chair stand instead

Oh .. NOW you tell me!