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Museums that carry Historical pieces of Furniture

Museums are enriched with world’s history. They have a strong hand in preserving the world’s culture. Enriched with marvelous collection they have helped the newer generations in having a look at the past. Here is an attempt to explore various worlds’ famous museums holding precious furniture styles and history of furniture.

Los Angeles County Museum Of Art, USA (known as LACMA) is a proud owner of a vast variety of marvelous furniture collection. It has a cabinet designed by M. H. Baillie Scott, a British architect. This collection of his is a German design meant for ladies’ Drawing room. The cabinet has ebony veneer, paint, lacquer, and bold foliate patterns.

Cabinet from the Hall of the Robert R. Blacker House, Pasadena, California, 1907 is one of the finest collections of the museum. Max Palevsky and Jodie Evans gifted it on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the museum. It also has an Oak bench (1899-1900) of Johan Borgersen, a Toilet Mirror by Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. (1862), a Side Chair designed by Alexander J. Forbes (1894), a Desk by Byrdcliffe Colony (1904) and many more to its collection.

Asian Art Museum in San Francisco is having a rich collection of Asian art. It has pieces as old as 6000 years and a collection of over 17,000 objects. It has a collection of Asian furniture, which gives us a glance into the Asian culture and tradition. It has famous Amulet board, which has its origin from Thailand. It was gifted to the museum from Doris Duke Charitable foundation’s Southeast Asian art collection. It is one of the masterpieces.

Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston boasts of a rare collection of a pair of folding chair of 16th/17th century famously known as Huanghuali. It is 67.1 cm in width, 59.7 in depth and 101.5 in height. It is one of the historic museums with unexcelled displays of furniture.

The Frick Collection, USA has a breathtaking artistic collection of French furniture. Fauteuil (1675-1725), designed by Henry Clay Frick Bequest is a 16th century manufacture. The museum also holds a magnificent piece of Armchair with Rosettes and Foliage in Relief. Henry also designed a Small Console Table with supporting figures of Nubians (1780). It is a fine combination of beech wood, silver, and marble on black marble plinth. It has rare and artistic treasures of the worlds’ furniture pieces.

Victoria And Albert Museum, USA has more than 14,000 pieces of furniture from Britain, Europe and America. Breathtaking Storm Chair designed by Stephen Richards, 2000 is one of the finest pieces in the museum. A Washstand designed in 1880 by William Burges reflects the fabulous architecture. The Great Bed of Ware has been a tourist attraction because of its huge size. A Chippendale Chair is an example of beautiful craftsmanship in the museum. The Leistler Bookcase (1800-1900), The Melville Bed, A Rocco Writing Table, A Royal Writing Desk, are other exceptional pieces in the museum exhibiting the unmatched quality of workmanship.

Feel free to add to this list if you have any recommendations for museums carrying great pieces of furniture.