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What kind of person bucks 40,000 years of man-kind’s traditional seating? The coolest of the cool – that’s who. With this chair, ‘hanging out’ with friends can be taken to a whole new level. The Hanging Bubble chair allows for defying gravity, and stodgy tradition, in one magical swoop. Suspended from the ceiling , means you’re enveloped in a non-claustrophobic hanging bubble that can spin, rock, swing, or orbit as you see fit. Taken from the supernatural design of Eero Aarnio, this transparent, open sided, and surprisingly comforting bubble enables an enjoyment of ‘sitting’ along the same lines as the old front porch swing- yet with a very metro twist. Besides which- you can use it all year long and never once need to light a mosquito candle. Original versions of this anti-establishment chair can cost upwards of a ticket to the space station; smart shoppers with an earthly budget can get the Hanging Bubble chair right here. Pass the lemonade, darling, and beam me up. Suspended from the ceiling, this chair is simply out of sight, thanks in large part to its transparent acrylic sphere that gives it its name. Designer Eero Aarnio was inspired by dome shaped skylights and asked the manufacturer if he could blow a bigger bubble . The answer is right before you. Eero added a steel ring for strength and installed a comfortable set of cushions so you can laze the day away in swinging, swirling comfort. This is not the Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair, but it is very much like it. This chair is a reproduction of a mid-century classic.


* Thick Acrylic
* Sturdy steel chain and ring

* Thicker acrylic that will not crack
* 2-piece comfortable Leatherette Cushions
* 6-ft long adjustable chain
* Comes with Optional Stand

Available Colors:
* Silver
* White

Why this item:
* Modern & stylish design
* Better-quality than any other bubble chair
* RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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