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Alair Bar Stool


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The Alair Bar Stool has minimalistic design with beautiful curved seat, finished in wenge veneer or upholstered in mid-grain or regenerated leather, available in red, black, brown or white. The chrome or satin aluminium frame is slimline, yet sturdy and available in two different heights. This bar stool  is also available with a gas lift, or as a chair.Dimensions:Min Height: 34.3 inMax Height: 38.2 inMin Seat Height: 26.4 inMax Seat Height:30.3 inWidth: 17 inDepth:17.7 inWeight:13.50kgLooking for the right bar stoolsWhen shopping for bar stool sets, it is a good idea to look online first to see what is available.  With this approach, you will lean how many styles there are and which style will be attractive with the furnishings you already have, or plan to purchase.  If you cannot match them, you will need to find a way to relate them.  Say, for instance, you have decided you want red bar stools.  The first thing you might want to do is put in a search on Google’s “images” files and request red bar stools.  You will see every kind of red bar stool you could possibly imagine.  The trick is to find a set that goes well with your furniture.  Very often, in the images file, you will see pictures in a room setting with other furniture.  That will give you some idea of how the set might look with your furniture.   If you don’t see something similar to your setting, then you will need to have guidelines for your selection.  You might think about whether the furniture you have, or plan to have, is wood or upholstered.  Matching the wood with the bar stools will help them relate to your furniture.  If your furniture is upholstered, and you want your red bar stools upholstered, then perhaps you can find a print or plaid stool that picks up a color in your furniture.   You may be shopping for bar stool sets in a saddle bar stool style.  That being the case you will want to put this request in the search bar.  Saddle bar is a nice style if you have a western theme, in a game or family room.  Most of them come in wood, but a few are upholstered.  Again, you will want to try to make a selection that blends in with the rest of the furniture.  The last two considerations you will want to make are:To be sure that the height of the stool accommodates the bar. There are several heights to choose from and, occasionally, the manufacturer will be good enough to tell you the counter height appropriate for the stools in their specifications. Just remember to look for that. The second consideration is price, and for that, after you have made several selections that you believe are good choices, you will want to enter them in one of the “price finder” search sites. They will give you some idea of what you will be paying. You may get lucky and find a saddle bar stool that you really like in a local store at a much less expensive price than the one online.  Check local retailers to save money-they may be having a sale!


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