Calligaris Quadra Barstool


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The Furniture Bar stools are simply unique. The design is simple, yet modern. Made from high-quality leatherette and stainless steel. Priced per set, each set contains 2 stools.



– Brand new in box- High-Quality Leatherette- Chrome base and foot rest- Height adjustable



18″ x 16″ x 41″ 


White Black        A special use for new bar stools guides your choice There was always something charming about the bar counter stool at the corner drug store, or perhaps the ice cream parlor. Then there’s the retro burger restaurant, the kids like to go to, that use them at their counter. You may be thinking about that as you start to shop for bar stools backless because you like that look and think it would be just the right style for the game room you anticipate going into the basement, or in the upstairs bonus room. Remember the big thick base that let the kids twirl around as they waited for their food? You wonder if you can find those same stools now. You’re envisioning it now: the kids and their friends up (down) there watching the large-screen tv that you’ll hang on the wall behind the counter. You’ll have the mini-fridge, under the counter for snacks and drinks, maybe a microwave. All the game attachments will be hooked up and ready to go. There they are, swiveling on the stools, as they try to outscore each other, slurping their drinks and teasing back and forth. The stools are integral and you have to find a bar counter stool that works for this to happen. The kids will think this is the coolest room they’ve ever seen. They’ll know it’s for them. You’ll also have a nice comfortable sofa for the adults from which to watch the big games, but there will be some who will use the stools. Even with bar stools backless they’ll want to take a spin, just to remember how it was to be a kid, maybe? Try Googling, now that you are ready to buy bar stools; that’s where you need to begin your search. They’ll have an array of pedestal stools and from there, perhaps you’ll find exactly what you are looking for. Are you looking for chrome, with a padded seat? That’s the one isn’t it? You’ll try and get close to that and see if you can even find the red leather (or better yet, microfiber) seat cover. When the time comes to buy bar stools you know exactly what you want. Since you want something so particular, it might be a good idea to buy the stools first and design the counter to fit their dimensions. It’s too important to take a chance on finding the right stools and not be able to use them. That’s something to think about, isn’t it?

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