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10 Tips To Take Care Of Your Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair

So you own an arne jacobsen egg chair ? What a great investment! You’ll want to be sure to give it good care and these tips will certainly help you out.

• Periodically check to make sure your egg chair isn’t rubbing against a wall. Depending on the wall covering, it could cause marks on your chair. Keep in mind that the tilt of the egg chair is determined by a person’s weight, so some people will cause the chair to tilt more than others.

• If your egg chair is made out of soft fabric, be sure to test any new cleaning supply on an area that isn’t obvious. You want to make sure that the fabric dries without any evidence of being scrubbed or losing its color. Be sure to follow the directions on the cleaning supply container.
• If you purchased a leatherette egg chair , find out if it’s waterproof. If it isn’t waterproof, you might want to consider adding this feature to your chair. It will help prevent potential damage from spills and could prolong the life of the chair. • You can use a mixture of mild soap and water to clean leatherette. Use a soft dampened rag to wash the leatherette with, and use another soft rag to gently wipe the leatherette dry. Be sure to get into the crevices as well. • At least twice a month use a handheld vacuum on your egg chair to be sure to get rid of dust, dander, etc. Even when your chair appears to be clean, it can have a thin build-up that needs to be removed. • The base of the chair can be washed with warm soapy water and dried. If you notice scuff marks from people’s shoes, use a cleaning “eraser” to remove the marks. • Some egg chairs are partial plywood. Use a wood cleaning supply for the plywood. Be sure to spray the cleaning supply on a soft cloth and not directly on the plywood. You’d hate to accidently cause specks from the cleaning supply to end up on the fabric of the chair. • If you purchased a matching ottoman, try to use it with socks, rather than shoes or your bare feet. Shoes can easily soil the ottoman and bare feet can sometimes tug at the fabric. • Use caution as to where to place your egg chair. If it’s near a window, make sure that it won’t be damaged by rain or plants on a window sill. If you have egg chairs in the kitchen, keep them in an area that they aren’t apt to get splattered upon. • If you have a spot on your egg chair that instantly doesn’t lift when you clean it, consider contacting a professional upholstery cleaner. Don’t risk scrubbing and scrubbing the spot which could permanently damage the fabric .

With proper care, your arne jacobsen egg chair will last for many years. The key is to routinely clean and maintain your egg chair.