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10 Things You did not Know about the Eames Lounge Chair

Perhaps you’re considering purchasing an Eames Lounge Chair, or maybe you already own one and are amazed by the comfort it provides, the durability it has presented, and the compliments on your taste it produces. You already know a lot about Eames Loungers, but there are a number of incredible things associated with these great chairs that you may not even be aware of. • The Eames Lounge Chair, often combined with the Eames Ottoman, was first released to the market in 1956; however, the first prototypes of Eames chairs date to 1940, when Charles Eames and his architect friend, Eero Saarinen initiated efforts to design a chair which would keep design and technological pace with the every changing cultural state in the furniture industry. • The Eames Lounge Chair is actually the result of the design collaboration of a husband and wife team, Charles and Ray Eames, who worked together on the project from the end of World War II to the introduction of the lounger on the market in 1956. • Charles Eames’ technical specifications for the molded plywood components of the Eames Lounge Chair were honed during his service in the production of plywood splints for the United States Air Force during World War II. • The Eames early attempts to produce durable plywood design occupied an extensive period of experimentation, from the closure of World War II until shortly prior to the release in 1956. • The present day design of the Eames Lounge Chair was not the preferred or original structure envisioned by the Eames. The initial designs incorporated a single shell seat and backrest; however, the final design released to the market employs a separate seat and backrest, created from two individual pieces attached by plywood supports in the lumbar section of the chair. • The period of development required, and the design changes implemented by the Eames were both the result issues surrounding the durability of molded plywood. As the plywood had a tendency to split or fracture over time due to frequent use, the Eames perfected their methods before releasing the chairs for production and sale. • The Eames Lounge Chair Wood (LCW) is one of the first chairs ever available which provide flexibility to the individual occupying the chair. The design of the lounger includes the use of shock mounts on the lumbar section of the chair, allowing the backrest to flex with the movements of the seated individual. • The Eames Lounge Chair is only produced by two manufacturers today. European production is exclusive to Vitra, and North American production rights are held by the Herman Miller furniture company. • Early models of Eames Lounge Chairs are prized collectibles for those interested in Modern Design trends. • The New York Museum of Modern Art features a permanent collection of Eames Lounge Chairs for perusal by visitors.