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10 Tips For Choosing The Right Color Womb Chair

The Womb Chair is one of many modern classic chairs that offers a cradling feel and puts you in a relaxed position.  Whether you use it as an accent piece to the rest of your modern living furniture or place it in a quiet place perfect for a quick afternoon nap, it will likely become your favorite chair.  Choosing a Womb Chair is simple, but choosing the right color can be difficult.  Here are some great ideas for choosing the right color Womb Chair to add as an addition to your modern living furniture.

1.    Neutral/Earth Tones

If the rest of your living space where you intend to place your ultra-comfy Womb Chair is neutral or earth tones, such as browns, greens, etc., you have two options – spicy or blend in.  To add a ‘pop’ of color to your neutral room, choose a brighter colored Womb Chair, such as bright green or orange.  Conversely, if you want your Womb Chair to mesh smoothly, choose a toned down green, tan or cream-colored chair.

2.    Deep Dark Flooring

Whether you have dark carpeting or deep colored hardwood flooring, consider choosing a rich, vibrant colored Womb Chair for your room.  Great choices in this setting include a deep red, vibrant burgundy or purple, or even a dark green, depending on the overall color scheme of the rest of your room.

3.    White Walls

When your room is full of white walls with no additional splashes of color, you can really choose any color you wish.  However, what looks really great against a white background is either a bright primary color – red, blue, yellow – or bold black.  This really allows your chair to stand out amongst the white walls and really adds spark to your room.

4.    Pastel Palette

Womb chairs are great additions to nurseries, which are often decorated in pastel colors, offering you a comfortable chair to sit in while soothing your little one.  A room painted in pastel colors of yellows, blues, pinks and greens, is the perfect place for a soothing colored Womb Chair, such as cream-colored or white. 

5.    Royal Treatment

Rooms filled with dark deep purple/emerald green can often benefit from a brighter addition.  In this instance, choosing a blue chair, particularly sapphire, flows nicely and adds to the richness of the room.

6.    Black Tie

If you’re aiming for a more sophisticated look, consider black.  While this may seem dark, adding a black Womb Chair to a white or cream-colored room really brings the entire room together, giving it that ‘black tie event’ feeling.

7.    Printed Wallpaper

If you have chosen printed wallpaper, this is the perfect time to use your Womb Chair as an accent piece.  Select the least prevalent color in your wallpaper print for the color of your Womb Chair.  This will allow that color to come off the walls, ‘pop’ and helps bring the room together.

8.    Flatter Your Cool Color Palette

If you have chosen cool tones, such as mint green, blue and violet, choose a color for your Womb Chair that will flatter this particular color palette.  Simply choose a pure white Womb Chair, allowing it to stand out, while enriching your cool tones simultaneously.

9.    Colors of Fall

Mustard yellow and/or deep, burnt orange walls and accents will benefit from a brown colored Womb Chair, particularly if you choose a deep chocolate brown.  On the other hand, you could choose a cream-colored Womb Chair, smoothing out the bright oranges and yellows.

10.    Large Room

To make a large open room feel comfy and cozy, bringing everything together, present your Womb Chair as a sculptural piece.  To accomplish this goal, choose a bright, pure color that really stands out, such as 100% pure blue colored chair on the color spectrum.