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Twenty Tips to Oriental décor with the Yanagi Butterfly Stool

“True beauty is not made; it is born naturally”, according to the designer of the famous Butterfly Stool , Sori Yanagi. Still active today, Yanagi graduated from the Tokyo Fine Arts School in 1940 and through international collaboration, came into touch with western manufacturing processes for furniture. Principle to his design of this stool was the molded plywood creations pioneered by Charles Eames in the USA. Yanagi recognized the opportunity to marry the use of plywood to the clean and minimalistic style of Japanese design, and created the Butterfly Stool in 1954. The stool incorporates a superb blend of Western manufacture and Japanese perception in its gentle curves, representing a butterfly at rest. This design won the Gold Medal at the 1957 Milan Triennial. Poetry captured in a practical piece of furniture, the stool has a spectacularly simple but eye catching design. Tapping into the Japanese style of the stool may provide you with a new and unique decoration style where you wish to display it. Use these accessories to create an oriental feel to your space:

• A bamboo plant or bonsai tree

• Incense burners in the shape of a temple

• Artwork and pottery depicting Oriental symbols like butterflies, monkeys, dragons, fish, horses, or Buddha

• Simple carved sculptures and granite lanterns

• Metal wind chimes and hanging gongs

• Decorative scrolls of Japanese calligraphy

• Paneled room dividers made of lacquered dark wood that has colorful hand etchings

• Shoji screens for window coverings and room dividers

• Textured silk cushions, window dressing, wall hangings and lampshades

• Tatami floor mats

• Sand and stone Zen gardens

• Zen water fountains

• Bamboo blinds, wind chimes, baskets, candleholders and kitchenware

• Colorful embroidered silk kimonos as wall hangings

• Simple floral and plant arrangements

• Asian wall fans and umbrellas

• Lacquered black or red boxes, dishes, pots and vases

• Glazed porcelain pottery, artwork, flower vases and dishes

• Porcelain tea and sake sets

• Ninja and Samurai swords

These ornaments are easily obtained, not necessarily expensive and can be changed often. Bear the minimalistic Japanese style in mind to create a space which conveys a sense of cool tranquility which will enhance the beauty of your stool even further.