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The Arco Floor Lamp Design ideas

The Arco Floor Lamp – Design ideas

Designed by brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos in 1962, the Arco Floor Lamp is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The sweeping arc of its stainless steel stem and aluminum bowl shade is supported by a heavy square block of Carrara marble. This light gives you the ability to add gentle but focused light in any area which is not sufficiently covered by fixed lighting in a room and adds a strong design element to any setting. While it’s prominent arc is certain to be noticed, the gentle curve adds touch of softness to rooms dominated by straight lines and hard corners. Bear these concepts in mind when deciding on how to get the best effect of this lamp in a room:

• Space. Used on its own, the Arco floor lamp creates pools of cool lighting; the resultant darker areas in the room give the impression of additional space. This is especially useful in a room with low ceilings or any area that feels confined. Remember the height of the shade – use it in areas out of walkways or above seating to avoid accidental contact.

• Shape. The arc of the stem sets a form in any room which just begs to be repeated – additionally the base is rectangular and adds both balance and contrast to the circular shape. Place the lamp where it is prominent when entering the room to create a great first impression. Adding circular coffee- or side tables is a practical way of continuing the circular theme- even better when the tables have glass finishes and chromed frames. Rectangular sofas accentuate the curve of the stem and fit in with its marble base.

• Silhouette. During daylight or when other lights are on in the setting, the curved stem of the light is very eye-catching due to its stainless steel finish and the area that it occupies in the room. To enhance this, adding other furnishings or décor with shiny metal finish will make it even more prominent. Set the base so that the arm is highlighted by a white or dark wall as a backdrop – it’s the same principle as setting a picture in a frame.

• Shadows. The lamp provides soft lighting for areas where you need it or on decorative spots requiring literal highlighting. Use it in conjunction with the main lighting in your room for practical use or on its own to create a soft and spacious mood in the room. Be wary of setting the light behind seating as the shadows thrown by its circular bowl can be straining on the eyes. Dropping the level of the shade or tilting it will reduce glare or direct light in your eyes.

• Surface. The shine of the stainless steel frame fits in easily in most styles of décor. Use additional chromed pieces in the setting to continue the theme, particularly if your style is minimalistic or you want the appearance of clean lines in the room. Clear glass will add to a feeling of smoothness and order.

• Style. The lamp is versatile and can be used with many distinct styles of furniture. Chose between the squared base or the strong arc; alternately use the metal or marble finish as the accent in the room. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination or your personal preferences.