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Maintenance and Care for a Platner Table

Warren Platner created some of the most elegant and iconic designs of the modern era when he used vertical steel wire rods to produce his sculptural furniture collection. Platner table designs in particular captured a gentle and elegant quality, uncommon in the striking but functional furniture forms which came out of the Modernist period in the mid- twentieth century. The table became a design classic as soon as it was released and remains a highly popular article of furniture up to the present. As this piece draws attention in any setting owners will be eager to keep it looking as clean and new as the day they first placed it in their homes. Follow this guide for easy maintenance:

o The steel rods of the design are normally finished with a painted bronze or nickel plate which is sealed with a clear lacquer.

o While that protective layer is in place, both are simple to clean and require little more than a rub down with a damp cloth to remove virtually any mark on the surface.

Table tops. Platner tables are available with a wide variety of table tops, including wood and marble finishes. However, the classic finish for the table is still considered to be a glass top. Glass tops are stylish and lend shine, simplicity and space to any room, but they have one obvious disadvantage. Their smooth and flawless surfaces show up any blemishes and dirt immediately.

o Cleaning glass is a simple process, despite many people’s concern over it. Commercial window cleaners will do a perfect job of cleaning and have the added advantage of bringing fresh fragrances to the surface. Newspaper remains the best material for shining the surface and can be discarded after use.

o Keep the table top away from direct sunlight as the bright sun tends to show every speck of dust on the table, and illuminates any marks or fingerprints.

o By positioning the table away from walkways, there is less chance that passers-by will leave items on the table which may lead to clutter or marks. It also reduces the chance of people touching the glass and leaving fingerprints or other marks.

o The design of the table lends itself to using circular decorations on its surface. Decorative coasters will look good and save your glass top from the wet rings left behind by glasses and cups which create a very grubby appearance.

o When serving hot or cold food, ensure that you make use of protective mats as heated pots may leave permanent marks on the surface of the glass.

o Making use of a table cloth when serving food is entirely acceptable and far more practical than using placemats alone.

o Although its transparency is one of the attractions of a glass top, but placing decorative material or runners on the surface will emphasize the beauty of the table, hide dust and reduce the area that can be dirtied.

o Keep a soft cloth close by to touch up anytime you see a blemish on the surface.

o Avoid using paper towels or new rags because they will all leave a mess of lint behind.

o Use covers under any hard objects placed onto your table as scratches on the glass will ruin the beauty of the table.

Applying these simple tips will keep your table in showroom condition and allow many years of use.

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