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10 Cleaning Tips For Your Hanging Bubble Chair

If your household is like most others that have a bubble chair , it’s the most popular seat in the house! Because it’s being used a lot, it’s important to keep it maintained and clean. Caring for your bubble chair is super easy! Implement these 10 tips and you’ll have years and years of enjoyment from your chair.

• Once a week use a feather duster or a soft cloth to wipe off the clear fiberglass or acrylic bubble. When needed, use warm soapy water with a soft cloth to clean the bubble on the outside (and inside if necessary). Wipe with a wet soft cloth and polish dry with a paper towel. • At least once a week, remove the cushions from the chair and shake them out. This will keep crumbs, hair, dust, etc. from building up on the cushions.

• Vacuum the inside of the bubble and the cushions as needed with a handheld vacuum. If something sticky gets spilled, wash the interior of the bubble with warm soapy water. Remove the cushions.

• Treat cushion stains as soon as possible. Use a cleaning supply that you’ve tested in advance to treat the stain. Let the cushions air dry before placing them back in the bubble. If a stain isn’t easily removed, contact a professional cleaner.

• If you’re using your bubble chair outside, when possible, bring the cushions in during bad weather. If the cushions do get rained on, hang them on a line or over a shower curtain rod to air dry. Because raindrops sometimes cling to dust, be sure that there aren’t specks on your cushions. If you do find specks, simply treat the entire cushion.

• Have your leather cushions waterproofed. This will prolong the life of the cushions and will make for easier cleanup should something get spilled on the cushion.

• If you’re using a stand with your bubble chair , polish the stand once every two or three weeks. Also polish the chrome of the opening of the chair.

• Do you have a matching ottoman? Be sure to clean the upholstery regularly, otherwise, the fabric can be soiled by shoes or bare feet. • If your chair is outside, there is some risk of it getting hit with a twig, a bouncy ball, a bird, etc. If you notice any marks, clean them up right away. In most cases you can use warm soapy water. For a stubborn stain use a mixture of half water and half white vinegar. Spray the mixture directly on the mark and wipe with a soft cloth.

• At least once a year, have a professional cleaner thoroughly clean your bubble chair. They will be able to get dust mites and such that a cloth or handheld vacuum might not pick up.

With the proper maintenance and care, your bubble chair will serve you well over the years. Cleaning your chair involves just a few minutes and is relatively simple. So go ahead and clean, and then take a break and enjoy your chair!