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10 Things To Watch Out For When Buying Modern Lamps And Lights

Buying the right kind and amount of lights for your home can, in one go, either make or ruin your entire décor style and effect. So, what should you look for when you buy modern lamps and lights for your home or office space?

1. Decide the where: the first thing to do is to decide where you want it. What areas will need special lighting, which ones should have a general sort of brightness, which need more focused attention? Ask and answer these questions as your first task.

2. Decide the why: part of buying the right lighting is to decide the task that each is intended for. Choose a task light for focused jobs like reading or cutting, track light for a sitting room, and spot lighting and lamps to bring out interesting décor.

3. Decide which room needs what: while you may want to choose a stylized modern lamp or chandelier for your living room, the kids’ room might be better off with a modern pet lamp in animal shapes. Paper shades for interiors, while modern lanterns work better outside.

4. Design lighting for special needs: the kitchen for example, will need more task lighting especially around the counter top areas or the stove/grill area. A study would do better with modern desk lamps, and living rooms require combinations of lighting styles.

5. Use mood lighting: create warm lighted corners, especially in your loving room, to set the mood. This can be achieved by the judicious use of LED lamps, fireplaces, candles or other ambient/dynamic sources of light. Choose a lamp or fixture that looks good in that setting.

6. Coordinate your fixtures with the rest of the room: make sure the fixtures and modern lamps that you use go with everything else, not just in style, but also in color.

7. Choose easy to clean lamps/fixtures: although most modern lighting emphasizes the simplicity of design, some can be quite complicated and difficult to clean on a regular basis.

8. Try energy efficient styles: “go green.” Use energy efficient fluorescent lighting wherever possible.

9. Avoid glare: make sure the light fixtures or lamps are installed properly to minimize glare and give a nice all round effect.

10. Use portable lighting: floor lamps, etc can be a source of additional light wherever it may be required.

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