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5 Coffee tables that go well with Aarnio Ball Chair

Now that you have your Aarnio Ball Chair perfectly placed in your home and you are experiencing the plush and cozy settings of your new possession. Now, how about a nice, warm cup of cappuccino? I know that’s exactly what you were thinking. Add to that your favorite magazine. Now that sounds like heaven! Relaxing in your chair, reading what you like the most and sipping your coffee. Coffee bring in the interesting and rather puzzling need for a coffee table.

Obviously, it should go well with your Aarnio BallChair, matching style for style, elegance for elegance, beauty for beauty and strength for strength. The apposite touch of class in the coffee table draws attention to your living place’s interior décor. Highlight the contemporary looks of your home with fantastic and practical modern designs ideal for your living place. Achieve aristocratic appeal with the poised accent of fiberglass to find the ideal mate for your Ball Chair.

1. First option that comes to mind is the Screw Table from Aarnio. Well, they made your favorite chair so they understand what will you like. They understand what a connoisseur like you would prefer with the Ball Chair. Just have a look at the Screw Table! It is another masterpiece, a piece of art and absolutely fitting coffee table for your aesthetically planned room. Its futuristic design and beautiful colors make it a bright eye-catcher in every place.

2. If you are looking for something in white, then you don’t have many options. The Parabel Tables again from Aarnio comes as the perfect soul mate for your Ball Chair. Made of fiberglass and giving the looks of an architectural sculpture that display your sense of taste and distinctive home style.

3. Space could be a problem that might be holding you from buying this convenience for you. Want something that can have greater utility and fits in small areas as well? Yes, we have the solution…go in for the Mushroom table again from Aarnio. These can be used as stools for sitting and as small coffee tables as well. With beautiful and vibrant colors, they glow up your house.

4. In case, you have placed your Aarnio Ball Chair outdoors, then Copacabana Tables can play the perfect foil for this piece of art. These tables also have multiple utilities and can be used outdoors as well… like a table or like a small bench.

5. There is another masterpiece coming from Eero Saarinen, the tulip table. Look out for the Tulip range. The sleek, stylish pedestals, looking like stem and having natural shapes typifies these tables. It is graceful and convenient, a tribute to your living room! Wait until someone calls your home decor a work of art in itself.

All these contemporary coffee tables have been inspired from the art and technology. They are the forerunners of the fashion trends in furniture. With any of these coffee tables, you would be able to impress your guests while enjoying them for years to come. Ok, I think, it is time for me to join you for coffee!