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10 tips for choosing the right table lamp

The right look, the right ambience, the right style – these are the hallmarks of your home décor. Your home is the center of your life, the core of your being, the very anchor of your life. Making sure that it looks just right is of prime importance to you. Also, your home is often the most visible part of you, an announcement of your style. It is important that it should be everything you want it to be. As close to perfect, in fact, as it is possible to get.

One of the many details that need to be looked into, for pretty much every imaginable room of your home, is the question of table lamps. Table lamps can add untold dimensions to the style and tone of your room. However, some things need to be kept in mind while choosing and buying the right table lamp for your room.

1. Consider what kind of décor you have in the room. If you have a thoroughly modern décor, buying and old fashioned or retro look table lamp would, in fact, ruin the entire look and feel of the room. Choose a table lamp that would fit properly into your room. 

2. Decide on a style of table lamp that would be well coordinated with the rest of the light fittings in your room. Having a table lamp that is totally different, and maybe even mismatched with the rest of the lights in the room, can totally destroy the décor of your room.

3. Think about where in the room you wish to place the table lamp. The location of the table, and the lamp, would help to decide what kind of lamp you need.

4. Think about why you need a table lamp. Is it for task oriented lighting, like in a study room, or as an addition to the ambience of the room?

5. Consider what the table is made of. A wood table will react differently to light than a polished metal or glass table.

6. Decide whether you need just one or more than one table light. Some styles look better as a pair, or a group. But make sure you have the right table surfaces for them.

7. Decide on the shape and style of the lamp and lampshades on the basis of the general tone of the room, or the shapes in use in the rest of the room. A mismatch would look bad.

8. The color of the lamp and the lamp shade needs to be coordinated with the general color scheme of the room. Use a color wheel if necessary to make sure the table lamp goes with everything else.

9. The height of the lamp stem is something else to consider. While a taller lamp may look nice on a low table, a high desk-like table demands shorter lamps.

10. The material of the lampshade must be suitable and coordinated with the material you have used in the upholstery and furnishings.

A little bit of careful thought and consideration will help you in finding the perfect table lamp for your room.