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5 Tips to Maintaining Your Leather bar Stool

Bar stools – The most appealing and has a good quality of upholstery is made of leather materials. Costumers first and perfect choice that can be used for their homes and offices. It can be use for a long period of time with proper care and maintenance as follows:

1. Clean daily by removing dust and stains. Just use a duster or damp cloth to wipe off the dust or to remove a stain of the bar stool .

 2. Use a leather conditioner to help you keep dust and dirt away as well as to prevent stains from setting – making cleaning that much easier.

3. Avoid using a soap to keep the leather bar stool from fading.

4. Know the type of leather that you purchase and follow the correct cleaning instructions from the manual.5. Put it in a place away from a direct heat source and animals to prevent from claw marks and scratches. This will help to maintain the good appearance of the leather.