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4 Advantages and disadvantages to buying bar stools with armrests

Over the last ten to fifteen years the design of the bar stool has changed from a simple diner style bar stool to a more elaborate design. Today bar stools are being designed for both looks and comfort, and bar stool designers are adding features such as footrests, backrest and finally armrests. However finding the most comfortable bar stool may be a challenge and there are things that you need to look for as there are advantages and disadvantages to having comfort. There are advantages and disadvantages of having a bar stool with armrest.


  1. The first and foremost advantage is the added comfort factor, which is what we are essentially looking for. Armrests are going to be different on each type of bar stool and there will be varying degrees of comfort. Essentially you will need an armrest that is wide enough so that your arm will feel comfortable. Ideally, it should lay flat on the armrest.
  2. The armrest itself can be padded or have a small foam cushion. In recent years, bar stool designers have created stools that have adjustable armrests. This is great for the person that entertains a lot; the guests can adjust the armrest to their own comfort level. 
  3. The armrest comes on most models of bar stools and in a variety of materials. At one time, the armrest was only found on wooden bar stools as people consider the iron arm rest to be uncomfortable. Again, changes and adaptations have been made to make this type of stool more appealing to the consumer. 
  4. The amount of time spent in the chair is also something that should be considered. If you are spending a great deal of time sitting on the stool, then armrests are a must. This will allow you to sit and relax and not have to worry about where to put your arms.


  1. There are some disadvantages to armrests on bar stools , particularly if you are dealing with restaurant or kitchen bar stools. Because the armrest has to be added, the bar stool is therefore going to take up more space. If you are considering having a bar stool with armrests, make sure to measure before purchasing so that you know that you have the room.
  2. If you are purchasing a bar stool that does not swivel you do have more options, however, a swivel bar stool with armrest takes up an enormous amount of room. 
  3. The height of your table and counter will play a huge factor in whether or not you can actually have a bar stool with armrests. Unless your table or counter is high, the stool cannot be pushed in. Therefore the stool is again taking up more space. Also, if your counter is high enough to push the stool in, what is the purpose of having the bar stool as it is still too low for the counter?
  4. These stools may cost you more than an ordinary bar stool and only you can determine if the added comfort is worth the price.