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10 Tips for using Floor Lamps as Artistic Ornaments

Floor lamps as artistic ornaments are a great way to give a creative flair to any room.  The aesthetic appeal of a floor lamp goes beyond the lamp and into the lighting.  There’s probably as much information on using lights for art as there are choices of colors.  To be truly artistic you must be true to yourself.  Be creative with your floor lamps.

1) Don’t listen to naysayers.

The experts will tell you what floor lamp you need to compliment a specific interior decorating style.  Modern can’t go near Victorian, Art Deco doesn’t match Art Nouveau.  You have to live with the floor lamp you choose – not the experts.  If you like it, buy it.  No matter what tips I list here – choose the floor lamp that makes you happy.

2) Consider the light as well as the lamp.

Lighting is an art in itself.  Pay attention to your down lights, up lights, and side lights.  Take advantage of angles.  Find a part of the room you want to bring attention to, and coincide it with the floor lamp’s light.  Look at shadows when one light is off and one is on.  Consider what happens when lights cross, or hit mirrors, glass or chandeliers.  Floor lamps as artistic ornaments have brilliant potential to compliment a room with light as well as the ornamental effect.

3) Consider your garden’s ornamental design.

At first glance, it might sound tacky to put a floor lamp in a garden.  However, nature-inspired lamps, or many in the Art Nouveau style can add a dramatic touch to the ornamental design if the complimenting nature of the garden allows.

4) Consider your patio and your deck.

If there’s anything lacking creativity – it’s typically a deck or a patio.  Don’t limit yourself to designer candles.  Buy a designer floor lamp.  The deck and patio are certainly roomy enough for one floor lamp,  and most can probably benefit from the aesthetic values of two.

5) Consider the practical use as well as the ornamental use.

Ornamental floor lamps can of course provide task lighting, but many designs include shelf extensions on the pole that can be use for practical purposes, such as holding a cup of coffee or books – or designer purposes, such as holding other ornamental objects or plants.  Get the best investment for you money.  Let the artistic value of one ornamental piece create artistic value to another ornamental piece. 

6) Consider the sturdiness.

You can have the most beautiful floor lamp in the world – but if your dog is going to knock it over it’s not going to do you much good unless you plan on creating a mosaic piece of art with the broken pieces.  Consider the dog and the kids.  Sometimes artistic fulfillment has to wait.

7) Consider your hobbies.

Floor lamps come in as many styles as there are colors.  If you like skiing – you’re sure to find a floor lamp shaped like ski poles.  If you like painting – consider a floor lamp that resembles a paintbrush, a palette, or one that is a canvas in itself that you can add your artistic value to.

8) Consider your talents.

If you can’t find the perfect floor lamp, buy just the base, or just the shade.  Add your creative touches.  Add jewels, paint, stained glass, embroidery, pictures –  it’s your lamp.  Your design.  Have all the kids decorate one and make it a mother’s day present.

9) Consider the material.

Your floor lamp will (hopefully) be around for a while.  You will have to clean it.  (But nobody’s forcing you – especially if you have kids and a dog.)  Consider the finish of the lamp. Will it come off over time? Will it tear? Will the fringe come off?

10) Make sure it works.

If you’re buying a floor lamp at an auction or antique store, or even a garage sale – make sure it works first.  Most stores and houses have electrical outlets so you can test it.  Better yet, browse our website for a new floor lamp and you’ll be guaranteed it works.

Floor lamps as artistic ornaments can be fun and fanciful or pretty and pristine.  Let the floor lamps represent your artistic taste.  Be creative and light up your inner artistic talent.

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