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10 tips for choosing the right pendant light

Pendant lights are the latest and most en vogue trend in the decorating field. They are interesting, versatile, adaptable, arty, stylish and “cool”. In short, they are the perfect answer to a lot of your remodeling or decorating dilemmas. If there is a problem, it is on too much…too many styles, too many kinds, too many designs…too much everything. So, in this embarrassment of riches, how do you, the homeowner, the redecorator, the restaurateur, decide which kind and style o pendant light is best for your space? Should you choose an ultra modern or futuristic style? Or pick a retro-look light? Should you try a single pendant light, a multiple fixture, or a cluster? Here are some “rules of the thumb” to help you decide.

1. First and foremost, and probably the most obvious, thing to remember, is that the style of your pendant light should be in keeping with the general tone of the décor of your room. A modern look pendant would be completely out of place in a retro room. 

2. Secondly, not only must your pendant light go with your décor; it must also be coordinated with the rest of your light fittings. If all the other lights in your room are of a totally different age, or style, the entire look of the room will be ruined.

3. Keep in mind where you are going to place the light. Location will be one of the most important factors in deciding what kind of pendant lights to buy. A large cluster may be great for the center of the room, for example, but a corner demands something simpler.

4. Decide the purpose for the pendant light. Why do you want it? What do you wish it to do for your room? Is it only to add a chic look, for ambient lighting, to set the mood, or for special occasions? Should it give you an overall glow or task oriented light?

5. Are you thinking of installing a dimmer to use with this pendant light? This is one of the major questions to ask yourself as certain types of pendant lights may be more suitable to dimmer use than others.

6. Decide what length from the ceiling you wish to hang your pendants. This would, of course, depend on the height of your ceiling, to some extent, but taste and style may be the other deciding factors. Choose a pendant light that looks good at that height.

7. Consider the other shapes that you are working with. If your entire room is in softer shapes like circles and curves, a sharply angular pendant light may not be the answer for you.

8. Consider the flooring and walls. If you have a wild mosaic patter, or psychedelic designs on the walls or floors, you would need to be more careful while choosing the pendant light, to make sure it fits in.

9. Consider the distance of the fixture from the doors and the window. Avoid the pendant light competing with natural light and ensure a greater distance from doors and windows, providing more room space to show off their true beauty in.

10. Consider your overall color scheme. Use a color wheel to make sure the color of the light goes with everything else.