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Ten Homes by Joseph Eichler

Fairhaven Home link The front of this house has a driveway and a garage, plus a covered entrance with a red front door. Included in the design of this home are ceilings with wooden beams and walls and doors that are made of glass panels. The entry room, living room, kitchen, and dining room floors use marble floor panels. The guest bedrooms have one window and a solid wall as well as carpeted floors. One of the bedrooms with a small window has been converted into an office with a wooden floor. The master bedroom has a walk in bathroom and carpeted floors. The beamed ceiling in every room except for the atrium has been painted solid white. The ceiling for the atrium is translucent and its floors include linoleum panels. A small backyard with a patio and vegetation completes the home design.

Fairhaven Home link This house was built in 1960 and has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a one-car garage with a carport. An atrium in the middle of the home leads to the backyard. The roof is made of foam and the windows are tinted for protection against UV rays. The kitchen and living room floors are solid grey with extra shine. Items of furniture reflect in the floor like a mirror. Ceilings have beamed fixtures and a variety of hanging lamps. Some rooms have glass panel walls and sliding doors. Most of the walls and ceilings in the home are painted white. A small room for a washer and a dryer is provided. A patio with a swimming pool is located in the backyard.

Fairhaven Home link A home that has been built on an 8300 square foot lot, this one story Eichler house with four bedrooms and two bathrooms is comprised of a 1729 square foot living space minus the open atrium. The atrium itself has grey linoleum floor panels and open ground for planting vegetation. Beamed ceilings and glass window panels make up a significant part of the house layout. The kitchen has a row of cabinets hanging above a marble counter. Next to the kitchen is a living room space with glass sliding doors that lead out into the backyard. There is a small patio with a protective canopy in the backyard with a plethora of plants and flowers lined up against the walls and down the walking paths. Many gardens and retreats have been built in the backyard to provide for pleasing aesthetics.

Fairhaven Home link Here is an Eichler home that is painted mostly in white. The garage is designed to fit two vehicles. The ceiling has beams that stretch across to hold the flat roof in place. Floors are carpeted and light shines through the open spaces near the ceiling. Glass panels for walls are a common feature in the home. A covered patio with wooden floors and benches is located in the backyard. There is also a gravel path that extends beyond the patio towards the fence.

Fairhaven Home link This home has a large garage and protective roof with beams aligned underneath it. Posts are perpendicular to the roof to support it. The open space that leads to the front entrance is shaded. The beamed ceilings are painted solid white and have spherical ceiling lights in different rooms. Some of the walls in the house are made of glass panels, but there are also solid walls included. These walls are often painted white. The kitchen has solid white cabinets, granite countertops, and grey slate floor tiling. The living room is designed with glass panels for walls and slate tiles for floors. A fireplace is located against one of the glass panel walls. Outside of the house is an open roof patio with the same tiling plan as the kitchen and living room. Plants and assorted vegetation surround the patio and outside of the house.

Fairhills Home link Here is a one-story house with a two-stall garage and a flat roof that is elevated in the center where the entrance leads. Beamed ceilings that are painted white, and glass wall panels are a common feature of this home. The kitchen contains countertops with white marble tiles, cabinets that are painted white with wood borders and handles, and floors that are covered in brick red slate tiles. The living room and dining area have carpeted flooring and spherical ceiling lamps. Other notable features of this home are a small room with a washer and dryer and a fireplace in the living room area. The backyard contains plentiful vegetation, a small fountain, and a relaxing brick patio.

Fairhills Home link Shiny silver counters and light wood cabinets are a notable feature in this home. The ceiling includes beam fixtures that are painted black and wooden slats painted white. Posts are located in various sections of the house to hold up the beam fixtures. Glass panel walls and doors provide the house with sunlight to brighten the atmosphere. Bright red is a common color that has been used for the walls and the doors in this home. The floor consists of a hardwood finish and light grey tiles made of granite. A small atrium provides a space for showcasing plants and vegetation. The backyard contains an open patio and a swimming pool that is protected by a metal fence.

Fairmeadows Home link A paved driveway leads up to a home surrounded by plants and vegetation. Built in 1962, there are four bedrooms and two bathrooms within the confines of the home. Beamed ceilings, carpeted floors, and wooden walls are all notable features, especially in the living room. The atrium is decorated with several types of plants and statues. There is a red brick patio in the backyard that leads to a swimming pool. Glass panels serve as walls for the back of the house. The dimensions of the house are approximately 1650 square feet and the lot that the house has been built on is 8100 square feet.

Fairhaven Pool Home. This one-story house has a natural stone driveway that leads up to a two-car garage. There are a total of six bedrooms and three bathrooms in this 2585 square foot house. It rests on a 13,600 square foot loft. Linoleum tiles cover the floors inside. A weathered brick red fireplace is located against the glass panels in the back of the house. The kitchen includes white counters, dark red cabinets, and a ceiling that allows light to shine through the area. Central air and heating are provided. A wooden roof protects the patio. The pool is fenced in and a small 15-foot by 40-foot greenhouse is also located in the backyard.

Fairmeadows Home link A variety of plants and trees surround this Eichler home. The ceilings feature beams that are painted black and wooden slats that are solid white. Linoleum flooring is featured in the kitchen and dining area. Kitchen countertops are white and the cabinets feature sliding doors that are light blue in color. Glass panels are used for walls in the back of the house. A brick red fireplace is situated in between the glass panels. Spherical vanity lights light up the bathrooms, which also include solid black counter tops. The side of the house has a small wooden patio and a walking trail that uses red slate tiles for a path. A natural stone patio and a swimming pool complete the appearance of the backyard.