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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Spot For Your Aarnio Ball Chair

You’ve picked it out, chosen its colors, sat down inside of it to test its comfort… and you’ve come to love its retro, space-age style: now, you’ve brought it home and you aren’t sure where to place it in your room! We can help…we’ve got lots of experience guiding clients who want to add to their décor with functional, fun furniture that evokes the best spirit of art and design. The Aarnio ball is a wonder: its shiny fiberglass pod holds a soft, plush poly-cotton interior that cocoons you in comfort! You can curl up in your own, private space inside this whimsical, futuristic chair, and enjoy its uniqueness over and over again.

The Aarnio ball chair comes in so many color combinations: now that you’ve chosen the shades that work best for your room, you can use these tips to optimize the impact of this classic reproduction: Remember, furniture this bold and iconic needs to be on full display! You’ve been wise enough to choose something that will always be a showpiece, garnering many questions from friends who will all enjoy trying out the Aarnio for themselves. Like a piece of sculpture, its round shape evokes discussion and enjoyment. Here are some tips on choosing just the right spot for your Aarnio Ball Chair

1.) An Eero Aarnio Ball Chair will work beautifully in an open plan living room, or any room where there is a lot of space and light. If you place it near a window, where the sunlight will glint on the smooth, gel-coated fiberglass pod, it will highlight its smooth and shiny surface. Just remember that upholstery fades in direct sunlight, and turn the chair so that the interior is not in direct light.

2.) If you are thinking about placing your Aarnio in a den or smaller space, make sure to place the chair in a corner with its interior facing outwards. Highlight the chair while utilizing space as best you can, and keep surroundings simple to really focus on your showpiece.

3.) An Aarnio Ball Chair can really add some style to a bedroom. If your room is large enough, consider using it as a really cool reading chair, your own private spot to unwind with a good book before turning in for the night. A pendant lamp could be hung above the chair’s interior to maximize reading light: keep any lighting and bedding sleek and modern to achieve a coherent look for your bedroom.

4.) Placing your chair in a kitchen or dining room may not be optimal, but it can be done if space permits. Many modern kitchens will mesh well as sleek lines, stainless steel appliances, and smooth woods cabinets will all look great with the chair’s retro-futuristic style. You could even use an element of kitsch in your design, collecting interesting framed posters from vintage films (sci-fi would be best) and other objects that evoke the chair’s spirit. You could put an Aarnio in the corner of your kitchen, and build your entire room around it. Since you spend so much time there, why not enjoy it?

5.) You Aarnio will always work well in a larger space, where people will stand back and admire its curving shape, as would art in a gallery. When placing your chair, think of larger spaces first, and try the chair out in various places in the room. Pay attention to the color of the walls, and flooring. Even if you end up putting your chair in a small space, it will always command attention and give you great pleasure.

We hope you’ve learned some useful tips for placing your chair in a room. You’ve chosen a classic piece of furniture, and it should be displayed to great advantage. Take advantage of space, color and light when placing your chair, and you can’t go wrong!