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10 tips before you buy Barcelona Bed

The Barcelona Bed was created after Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair and Barcelona Ottoman, however Master Mies van der Rohe continued to skillfully thread the sculptural elements of his designer Barcelona Chair and Ottoman into his contemporary Barcelona Bed. Clean lines, minimalist appeal, luxurious leather and mirrored tubular steel weaved their way throughout these timeless Barcelona designs. The Barcelona Bed speaks sleek designer sophistication, and, as many of Mies’ other masterpieces, is a Museum of Modern Art award recipient.

Functionality is a necessary component of modern design, and the Barcelona Bed functions as a bed, daybed, and couch. The Barcelona Bedis a work of art that succeeds in being visually light, and yet, at the same time, it is a serious composition in sophisticated modern art and modern home interior design.

Such serious sophistication and composition in modern interior design can be diminished by poor replicas. The following are ten measurable specifications of a quality Barcelona Bed that you can evaluate before making a Barcelona Bed purchase for your modern home:

1) The Barcelona Bed begins with a quality hardwood frame, typically a quality Sapele. However, other hardwoods are offered to satisfy the needs of the individual home designer.

2) The hardwood frame on the Barcelona Bed is lacquered with a clear coat for a protective finish.

3) Rubber webbing is bound to the hardwood frame to provide a firm, but not overbearing, support to the mattress.

4) Eleven thick leather straps that contain the rubber webbing are visible on the frame and should be dyed to match the upholstery of the cushion.

5) The cushions on the Barcelona Bed should be made from highly resilient urethane foam that also contains a Dacron polyester fiberfill. They should, of course, also conform to the fire-retardant specifications of your region.

6) The glorious leather upholstery contributes greatly to the sophistication of the Barcelona Bed. The leather should be a quality Italian leather, Spinneybeck, or of other high quality luxurious leather.

7) The Barcelona Bed is masterfully crafted with 72 hand-tufted cushions that are individually welted and buttoned from a single cowhide.

8) The pillow on the Barcelona Bed must be of the same quality leather and color as the mattress. Straps secure the pillow to the cushion, and snaps provide stability to the pillow, as well as the freedom to move the pillow as desired.

9) The Barcelona Bed has tubular steel legs that are polished with a stainless steel finish.

10) The Barcelona Bed should be approximately 25” (63.5cm) high, 29” (73.66cm) wide, and 78” (198.12cm) in diameter, with a seat height of about 15.35.”

A Barcelona Bed is one of the most sophisticated and versatile additions available to modern home interior designs. Quality material will ensure that your designer bed is crafted for a lifetime of everyday use. Adherence to the original designer’s specifications ensures that your Barcelona Bed is crafted with the expertise of the masters of modern design. Evaluate the ten tips listed above when reviewing the selection for your Barcelona Bed purchase. Doing so will provide you with a functional designer masterpiece that will add a sleek sophistication to your home’s modern interior design – and provide you with a lifetime of comfort and style that only a few true sophisticates can truly attain.

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