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10 things to love about the Barcelona Chair

People who are in the habit of collecting furniture items with vast historical significance would probably have the Barcelona chair on top of the list. There are many reasons for loving the Barcelona chair and here are some of them:

  1. The Barcelona chair was a product not only of the professional collaboration but the love affair between Lilly Reich and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Both are credited as the designers of the Barcelona chair.
  2. Van der Rohe did not anymore design any furniture after his relationship with Lilly Reich. Is this because the Barcelona chair is the manifestation of Mies’s undying love for Lilly Reich or does this signify of Reich’s more important role in the design of the Barcelona chair?
  3. The price of the Barcelona chair depends of course on whether it the authentic furniture but it also depends on whether it is made of chrome construction or seamless stainless steel. Both options are however buffed by hand until it possesses a mirror finish.
  4. The Barcelona chair is comfortable mainly because the back cushions are specifically formed to fit the frame’s curve. The chair’s leather panels have also been tufted, welted and cut by hand.
  5. There are a lot of options when it comes to the color of your Barcelona chair. Choose from the over 500 colors of Spinneyback leather which is available in different qualities. Spinneyback leather is said to be the best color leather.
  6. Your children can have their own Barcelona chair and ottoman too. The kiddie Barcelona chair is available in chrome frame and is scaled by 85% based on the original size. The Barcelona chair for kids has a measurement of 24 inches in width, 24 inches in diameter and 25 inches in height.
  7. Barcelona chairs, especially those made by Knoll, are environment friendly. Knoll has established manufacturing policies that are geared towards biosphere protection and waste reduction.
  8. The authentic Barcelona chair can be expensive but you have an option to settle for a reproduction chair. Choose a manufacturer that makes Barcelona chair reproductions using hand-made stainless steel as well as hand-selected leather material.
  9. The Barcelona chair may be an artwork but it is also functional. You can never waste money by buying a Barcelona chair because it is what they call functional art.
  10. Having a Barcelona chair anywhere in your home or office is always a status symbol. They are known to be the chairs of kings and queens so expect to feel pampered whenever you use them.

The Barcelona chair is one of the most popular modern furniture today. It is always a good investment to have a Barcelona chair among your possessions not merely for its monetary value but also for the art and historical value as well.

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