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5 tips for choosing the right spot for the barcelona chair

Your Barcelona chair is a priceless possession but depending on your intentions you can either put it in a place where everyone can see it or hide it from the curious eyes of strangers. Here are some points to consider when choosing the right spot for your Barcelona chair.

Prestige of the Barcelona chair

A Barcelona chair is a thing of beauty and it can stand on its own wherever it may be placed. Here are some ideas to help you put your Barcelona chair in the right spot.


The size of your Barcelona chair matters when it comes to choosing the right spot for the chair. If you intend to place your Barcelona chair in a tight area where the chair could not be situated comfortably not positioned strategically then it would not give justice to the chair and can even damage your chair especially if it is a tight spot.


If your Barcelona chair is purely for your pleasure then nothing beats placing it in your room. If you have a spacious bedroom where you even have a receiving area then you can place your Barcelona chair there where you can enjoy it best both aesthetically and functionally.

Status Symbol

Admit it. Owning a Barcelona chair can improve your status symbol. If you want to heighten that then place your Barcelona chair where people can see it. It can be your office or your living room or anywhere you accept guests or business partners.


The right spot for every Barcelona chair is where it is safe and where its beauty and quality can be preserved. The cheapest Barcelona chair can cost from $500 up so make sure you take care of this expensive piece of furniture.

There are lots of areas where you can place your Barcelona chair. However the best spot would be where you can enjoy it the most considering your purpose for buying the chair and for keeping it.