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5 tips for choosing the color of barcelona chair

The iconic Barcelona chair is usually available in black or white although you can match your chair color to the interiors of the room where you will locate the chair. Unlike other furniture pieces where color matters most, the value of a Barcelona chair lies in its history and its superb craftsmanship.

However, if you are very particular about your Barcelona chair matching your interiors to a T then here are some tips to choosing the right color for your Barcelona chair.

· The color of a chair’s upholstery is usually the first focus of attraction. However, to the knowing eye, the fact that the piece of furniture flauntingly displayed on your living room is a Barcelona chair is enough no matter what the color is. The seamless stainless steel of the Barcelona chair is enough to elicit oohs and ahhs from visitors who know that such a chair is highly-prized and highly-priced.

· The original Barcelona chairs designed by Mies van der Rohe were made of pigskin leather in ivory, a material which was very expensive making the chair a priceless piece of furniture. If you can get your hands on a Barcelona chair made of ivory pigskin leather and you can afford it then you are one lucky buyer.

· Getting the original ivory-colored pigskin leather upholstery for the Barcelona chair is almost impossible nowadays but you can still opt for the Bovine leather which replaced the original leather material used for the Barcelona chair. If you want the original Bovine leather color then make sure you order from Knoll which owns the Barcelona chair design license and trademark.

· There are manufacturers who have experimented with different leather materials but following the rules of design that goes into the making of the Barcelona chair. The options are unlimited because each type of leather possesses different characteristics in terms of shade, texture and thickness. These leathers are dyed so you can choose from a variety of colors for your Barcelona chair.

· While the color of your furniture matters, this is not always the case when what you have in your room is a Barcelona chair. However, there are lots of options now when it comes to the leather upholstery from which a Barcelona chair can be made and that goes for the color as well.

If color is really important for you then check out the various offerings of online stores but make sure what you see is what you get not only in terms of color but in terms of quality as well.