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5 easy ways to extend the life of your Barcelona chair

An original reproduction or not, you spent precious money in your Barcelona chair. It is thus important to take good care of your Barcelona chair to make sure it lasts for a long time. Here are five easy ways to extend the life of your Barcelona chair.

1. The improved version of the Barcelona chair followed a seamless stainless steel design. And since your Barcelona frame consists of a whole frame without the welding point then you can be assured it is stronger and long-lasting. However, make sure you place your chair in a location where it will not be exposed to the heat of the sun or drenched by rain or other liquid sources to ensure its longevity.

2. Your Barcelona chairs may be made of leather but inside those leather seats are cushions made of foam rubber that can easily rot when exposed to too much liquid. It is wise to keep liquid, stronger liquids or even as mild as water away from your Barcelona chair.

3. Whatever the color of your Barcelona chair is, it is best to keep it away from food and other items that can stain the chair. Light-colored Barcelona chairs require the utmost care as children in the house can easily stain the chair with crayons, pens and other writing materials or even food.

4. Your leather upholstery should be kept away from sunlight even when the chair is placed inside a room. Your Barcelona chair may be made of Aniline leather but the patina can fade when it is exposed to sunlight for long periods. Choose a spot in the house or in your office where it will not be regularly expose to the heat of the sun.

5. Make sure you take care of your Barcelona chair by choosing a leather cleaner that will not strip the natural oils that are used to lubricate the leather. Stay away from saddle soap which can indeed protect leather from moisture but will in effect strip the leather of the natural lubricants or oils.

The cost of your Barcelona chair is enough reason to make sure you take care of your chair properly.Barcelona chair is a beautiful piece of art, and if well taken care of then it will last for years to come. Simply by taking a few simple steps, you can prolong the life of your modern contemporary furniture.