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10 ways to take care of your Barcelona chair

    1. Read up on Barcelona chairs and familiarize yourself with how their owners take care of their precious furniture. This way you can get tips which are not known to ordinary mortals, who are not as passionate about their Barcelona chairs, as art collectors.

    2. Determine the materials that make up your Barcelona chair. While genuine Barcelona chair is made up of seamless stainless steel, there are various reproductions that make use of various materials.

    3. Learn the difference between pigskin leather and cow leather. The original Barcelona chair was made of pigskin and the material was changed to cow leather. Is your leather upholstery thick or thin? Has it been treated or dyed? Once you get this information ask the retailer from where you bought the chair about the proper way of caring for such materials.

    4. If your Barcelona chair is from Knoll then most probably it has untreated leather. If this is the case, make sure to protect your chair from liquid spillage and sun exposure as untreated leather can easily fade.

    5. Use a leather cleaner that does not leave any residue once the cleaning is done as it can make your Barcelona chair oily. An oily chair is more susceptible to bacteria build-up which can destroy the material.

    6. Do not use overly wet cloth when cleaning your leather. A slightly damp cloth can still do its job without destroying the lubricant of your leather. Make sure you clean the stitched areas with a brush.

    7. Make sure you condition your leather once in a while to maintain its natural lubrication and suppleness. Choose a conditioner that can penetrate the leather material but make sure the product does not contain mineral oil or petroleum as it can damage your Barcelona chair in the long run.

    8. Choose a moisture barrier that can protect your Barcelona chair from spillage. However this can also result to grease build-up which can make polishing and cleaning difficult later on. However, the advantage of using this product outweighs the disadvantages.

    9. When water or any liquid is accidentally spilled on your leather make sure to treat the leather even before it dries out. Use a cleaning agent to remove dirt and stain and then apply a conditioner. Do not expose the leather to extreme heat when drying.

    10. Oil stains on your Barcelona chair leather can be cleaned by sprinkling the affected area with ground chalk. Leave the chalk for a day without rubbing and then just brush the powder away.