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10 Tips for checking Quality of Le Corbusier LC2 Chair

The LC2 Chair epitomizes the ability of plump cushion comfort to contain itself in a rectilinear modern design with a strong geometric presence. The LC2 Chair by the modern designer Le Corbusier was created back in 1929, yet it wholly represents today’s modern furniture trends. This armchair is classically Bauhaus and International Style, devoid of ornamentation yet striking in design, massive yet minimalist, and most importantly, demonstrates the power of functionality and art in modern furniture design. LC2’s design embraces comfort; and the urge to make oneself comfortable in such a design is hardly restrainable. The LC2 Chair, particularly when combined with the LC2 Loveseat, is a practical and solid addition to any modern home furniture collection, and truly a distinguished furniture addition to any classic or modern office interior design. When buying the LC2 chair, be sure to scrutinize your purchase by following these 10 tips to help you choose a designer chair of the best quality:

1) The wedging of the side cushions by its steel frame is one of the most unique features of the LC2 Chair, and one of the easiest ways to distinguish a quality LC2 Chair from a poorly replicated design. The frame wedging affects the seat comfort, as well as its stability (and, of course, its appearance). The steel frame on poor quality replicas is not wedged far enough into the armchair, and there is no cushion extruding from the frame, rather it looks like a solid rectangle. A frame that is wedged too far into the chair, will provide an excessive puffiness and deter from the armchair’s linear elements.

2) Leather furniture enthusiasts delight in the LC2 chair’s strong leather personality. Anything except quality leather would deter from the chair’s distinguished appeal. An Italian aniline-dyed full grain leather would be of the highest quality. A thickness between 1 – 1.5mm is appropriate. The original LC2 has a matte finish, but soft leather finishes are very popular. Vinyl and lower quality leathers are not acceptable. Fabric upholstery is acceptable and widely available.

3) The seat cushions in the Le Corbusier’s LC2 Chair should not be a square piece of foam padding. A Polyurethane and polyester or down feather provides the comfort that is intended.

4) The top cushion is plumper than the firmer bottom cushion.

5) The arms of the LC2 armchair are 5” (12.7cm) across.

6) The frame should be flawless tubular high gauge steel that is chrome plated for optimal shine. A chromium plating of 25-35 mm is used for rust protection and to hide the joints. In a lower quality stainless steel version, the joints are visible.

7) The frame is also available in a matte or black glossy finish. However, the chrome frame adheres to the designer’s original medium.

8) The LC2 armchair as a width of 30” (76.2cm) facing the front of the chair (from left side to right side), and a width of 27.6” (70.10cm) on the side of the chair (from back to front). The side of the chair from steel frame to steel frame should be 22.4” (56.89cm). The height of the chair is 26.4” (67.05cm), and from the bottom to the top of the seat cushion it is 17” (43.18cm).

9) The bottom support of the seat should be tight strapping, and not cardboard.

10) The chair will weigh around 60 pounds (27.3kg).

The LC2 Chair is one of Le Corbusier’s most distinguished designs. Adding the LC2 chair to your modern furniture collection or your office interior design is sure to carry its distinguishing characters directly into your home of office. When you buy your LC2 chair, make sure you scrutinize the armchair with the above tips in mind to avoid buying an inferior product. You’ll be comfortable in your new LC2 Chair knowing that you bought the highest quality chair for your modern home.

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