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10 Tips to check Quality Le Corbusier LC2 Loveseat

Le Corbusier’s LC2 Loveseat brings with it a rich, luxurious character that permeates elegance in any modern living room in which it is situated. The LC2 Loveseat is also known as the “LC2 Two Seater Sofa.” When paired with the LC2 Armchair, the coupled chairs make a grand statement in the traditional or modern home. The wealthy design and inviting stature of the modern pieces also make the LC2 Loveseat and the LC2 Chair a sophisticated furnishing to any executive office, lobby or professional waiting room. When buying a LC2 Loveseat for your modern home or business, follow these ten tips and you’ll be able to distinguish a quality two-seater LC2 Loveseat from a poor replica:

1) The LC2 Loveseat is a steel tubular frame. The frame should be made from a quality high gauge steel (grade 304), and should contain chromium plating for rust protection and a strong shine.

2) The chromium plating on the frame of the LC2 two-seater sofa should hide the joints in the chair. If you can see the joints, then it is a poor quality replica.

3) The tubular steel frame of the LC2 Loveseat forms a small, but noticeable wedge on the arms of the sofa. If there is no indent into the arms of the sofa from the steel frame, and the arms are void of a slight “cushiony” bulge, then the sofa is not a quality replica.

4) The support for the two seat cushions of the LC2 Loveseat should be tight fabric bands, preferably a nylon webbing. Amateur replicas will try to get away with cardboard as a support for the seat cushions.

5) The LC2 Loveseat should be upholstered with high quality aniline leather. Colored fabric is widely available, and can give the sofa a softer, brighter appeal if it is required for the interior design of the home or office; however, the LC2 two-seater sofa is traditionally covered in a 1-1.5mm thick black leather. A full grain leather with a matte finish provides a luxurious executive style, and white leather is an ideal choice for many spacious home interior designs.

6) The two top seat cushions should not be overly firm. The top two cushions will have a slight full-bodied appearance. The LC2 Loveseat should be filled with down feathers or a polyurethane and polyester blend.

7) The arms on the LC2 two-seater sofa are the same measurement as on the LC2 armchair: 5” (12.7cm) across.

8) The LC2 Loveseat is 25.4” (67.05cm) high and around 51.2” (13.04cm) wide. The LC2 Loveseat and the LC2 armchair are both 17” (43.18cm) from the bottom of the chair to the top of the seat cushion.

9) The glides on the bottom of the legs of the sofa are aligned with the edges of the steel, there is no overhang of the glider.

10) The LC2 Loveseat could weigh anywhere from 50 (22.67kg) to 80 lbs.(36.28kg) and will vary depending on the choice of leather and quality of the steel.

Le Corbusier’s LC2 Loveseat is a timeless two-seater sofa that embodies comfort and distinguished luxury within its arms. The LC1 Chair and the LC2 Loveseat will please any modern furniture enthusiast with its modern indulgence of affluent appeal. Following the ten tips listed above will help you distinguish a quality two-seater LC2 Loveseat from substandard versions. You can then be confident that you’ll be resting in the arms of designer sophistication after buying a quality LC2 Loveseat to join your modern furniture collection.

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