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10 Tips to Finding Quality Characteristics of a Le Corbusier LC3

Le Corbusier’s regal LC3 Sofa is a remarkable design that successfully unites the minimalist lines of modern furniture with classically tailored cushions that are brimming with comfort. The clean lines of the thin tubular frame delicately lift the sofa off the floor to employ the use of space, making this sofa a reasonable choice of modern furniture for not-so-large apartments. The timeless classic design of the LC3 make this three-seater sofa the perfect selection for business furniture, either as a modern office furniture addition to the reception area, or as an executive office furnishing for the elite. Modern homeowners will enjoy the luxurious LC3 Sofa as the centerpiece of their modern furniture living room interior design. Before you purchase your LC3 Sofa, be sure to follow these ten tips so that you can be assured that you are buying a LC3 Sofa that has the characteristics of the original design:

1) The LC3 Sofa should have a high gauge steel tubular frame. Just as with the LC2 Chair and LC2 Loveseat, the LC3 tubular frame should have a chromium plating that gives it a glossy shine and provides it with rust protection.

2) If you see the joints in Le Corbusier’s LC3 Sofa, then it is not Le Corbusier’s LC3 Sofa. The chromium plating on the frame hides all the joints which gives the sofa its seamless appearance.

3) The exterior frame of the LC3 is slightly wedged into the arms of the sofa. It is important the sofa is properly wedged within its frame to achieve maximum comfort. There should be a slight bulge where the steel frames wedges into the arms of the sofa.

4) Very poor replicas of the LC3 will use cardboard to support the seat cushions of the sofa. Make sure that the LC3 Sofa has a strong nylon webbing for cushion support.

5) The LC3 sofa is classically displayed with a top quality aniline leather, preferably between 1-1.55mm thick. Custom fabric upholstery is widely available.

6) The cushions in the LC3 are fuller than the cushions in the LC2, and are down wrapped, but they are both filled with a polyurethane and polyester blend or down feathers.

7) The height of the arms and the back support cushions are higher on the LC3 Sofa than they are on the LC2s.

8) The LC3 Sofa is 93.3” (236.98cm) long, and 24.4” (61.97cm) high. A shorter version is available that is 82” (208.28cm) length, 29” (73.66cm) diameter, and 27” (68.58cm) height.

9) There should be nickel-plated steel glides on the feet of the sofa.

10) The LC3 Sofa weighs around 104lbs or more, depending on the size, quality of steel and fabric.

Le Corbusier’s LC3 Sofa is designed for those who crave sophisticated comfort and timeless appeal in their modern home interior design or office furniture. You can be assured that you are buying a quality LC3 sofa for your modern home or office if you review the ten tips listed above to identify the designer characteristics of this modern sofa. This quality permanent addition to your modern home furniture collection will retain considerable distinction, regardless of any temporary changes to your modern home’s interior design, and will provide you and yours with executive style luxurious comfort that will last for generations to come.

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