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10 Tips to Purchasing the Perfect Pastil Chair Designed by Eero

The Pastil Chair, just one of several entertaining modern furniture designs by Eero Aarnio, is the ultimate chair for outside poolside entertainment, summer beach houses, lakeside retreats, and deck, terrace, or backyard furniture. Ideally though, Eero Aarnio’s Pastil Chair is most effective as the indoor modern rocking chair that it was originally intended to be. Boldly colored and spherically a masterpiece of curvaceous modern furniture, its intended attraction makes a welcome impact to any modern home. There is no doubt that the Pastil Chair is a significant contribution to the art of form and function in modern furniture design. The Pastil Chair won the International Design Award of the American Institute of Interior Designers, and The New York Times reported the modern Pastil Chair as having “the most comfortable forms to hold up the human body.” The following are 10 tips you can refer to when buying your Eero Aarnio designed Pastil Chair to make sure your purchase is closest to the designer’s expectations:

1) The most noticeable attribute of Eero’s Pastil Chair is its shape. The Pastil Chair was designed to be a perfect circle. Any oval shaped chairs are guaranteed to be a replica. Interestingly, Eero designed the Pastil to fit into the opening of his famous Ball Chair, and the diameter of the Pastil Chair should be the same as the opening of the ball chair.

2) The chair should be made of fiberglass. This is one element that gives it the durability to be used outdoors, as well as slide down a mountain of snow or float lazily in the water under the summer sun.

3) The Pastil Chair should be smooth to the touch. Eero intentionally designed the chair to have the rough side of the fiberglass on the inside of the chair.

4) A quality Pastil Chair should be able to turn sideways, and rock back and forth. It should never have a flat surface.

5) Another easily visible attribute of a poor replica versus a quality version is to look for a small hole in the chair for temperature control. Many replicas do not contain this hole, however it is necessary to withstand the outdoor temperatures.

6) The fiberglass shell should have multiple coats of gel. A sign of a Pastil Chair with only one coat would be hairline cracks in the finish.

7) The seam in the body of the Pastil Chair should be thin. A thick seam is another sign of poor craftsmanship.

8) The height of the Pastil Chair is around 20.5″ (52 cm), and the depth of the chair is 36.6″ (93 cm). The width is 36.6″ (93 cm).

9) The Pastil Chair will weigh around 30.8 lb. (14 kg).

10) When considering delivery, keep in mind that the carton size will be around 21.75”(55.24cm) by 37” (93.98cm) and will have a volume of 17.7 cubic feet.

Eero’s Pastil Chair is a refreshing welcome to modern furniture and any modern home interior design plan. The delightful contemporary look cheerfully blends both indoors and outdoors with its modern furniture surroundings. When you buy your Pastil Chair, follow the above ten tips, and you’ll be certain that you brought home a quality rendition of Eero’s Aarnio’s versatile Pastil Chair to cheerfully display anywhere in your modern home.

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