10 Tips to Making a Quality Purchase of Wegner Ox Chair

The Ox Chair, Hans J. Wegner’s executive masculine masterpiece of the 1960’s, is a dramatic and sensuous addition to any home or business interior design plans. The bold shapes in a soft Picasso style are masterfully crafted to provide exquisite ergonomic comfort to the body – no matter what position the body has taken while seated in the chair. Bold shapes, supreme comfort and exquisite leather make Wegner’s Ox Chair a luxurious addition to any modern home furnishings, and certainly makes it a worthy addition to any executive office, business, or conference room. Although Wegner’s Ox Chair is a favorite of modern furniture enthusiasts, it is certainly suitable in any home where a masculine presence is welcome. Western homes, ranches and ski lodges are built to contain a chair of this nature. Consider these ten tips when purchasing your Ox Chair to ensure that your Ox Chair is of designer quality:

1) The Ox Chair should form a visual cube. A popular size is traditionally 91cm (35.82) height and 91cm depth and 91cm width, however reducing the width by a couple centimeters actually contributes to its visual cubic nature. A depth and width of 99cm is common, as well as a height from 90 to 99cm.

2) The height from the base of the chair to the top of the seat is around 36cm (14.17 inches). The seat depth is around 53.34cm (or 21 inches).

3) This sturdy chair weighs a mere 15 kilograms, or 33.06 pounds.

4) The four legs of the Ox Chair should be a strong chromium-plated steel. Chrome plating has a deeper reflection than other finishes, almost mirror-like, and this subconsciously adds to the chairs dimensional qualities.

5) The legs should be spread for stability.

6) The frame of the Ox Chair was originally wood encased in the upholstery. Today, Ox Chairs can often be found framed in a light steel underneath the upholstery for durability.

7) The upholstery on Wegner’s famous Ox Chair is one of its most luxurious features. The Ox Chair’s upholstery should be given great consideration. The original hide was, of course, ox-hide, and sold for $26,000. Today’s fine leathers offer many choices. A “top grain” leather is more durable because the hide is split to put the more durable layer (because of the fiber strength) on top. A full grain leather has the natural texture of the leather from its original state. Every piece is unique, and holds its own natural markings. An “enhanced grain” leather is processed leather that creates a uniform grain pattern. Antiqued leather is made from applying a darker color over a lighter color. An “aniline dyed” leather means that the leather was processed with non-toxic dyes.

8) The cushioning of the Ox Chair should be a molded polyurethane foam or CFS foam.

9) The seam between the headrest, in front, and more noticeably in back, should match that of the armrest, in that they have an identical drop shaped end.

10) The headrest should appear as if it could be two arm rests put together.

Sophisticated and sinfully comfortable, the Ox Chair is a practical addition to any home or office, and an indulging addition to any modern furniture collection. Following the ten tips listed above will help you make a quality purchasing decision when you buy your designer Ox Chair, and you’ll be engulfed in the pleasures of Wegner’s bold and luxurious masterpiece in the comfort of your own home or office.

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