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10 Tips to Judge the Quality of Your Saarinen Executive Chair Pu

The Saarinen Executive Chair, a Modern Museum of Art award recipient, transformed traditional executive seating from being a dark and profound imposition in the business setting, to a modern chair that was light, smooth and seamlessly sculptured – while still providing comfort and executive appeal to a traditional or modern home or office environment. If you are considering the purchase of Saarinen Executive Chairs for your business, conference room, or home office, or as an addition to your modern furniture home design, consider these ten tips to judge the quality of your Saarinen Executive Chair purchase:

1) The Saarinen Executive Chair should have a seat height of 18 inches (45.72cm) and an overall height of 31 ½ inches (80.01cm). The Executive Chair with arms is 25 ½ inches wide (64.77cm), and without arms 24 ¾ wide (62.86cm). The diameter for the chair with arms and the chair without arms is 25 ½ inches (64.77cm) and 24 inches (60.96cm), respectively.

2) The traditional armless Saarinen Executive Chair legs are made of steel, in a tubular seamless form. A polished chrome finish is necessary to adhere to the standards of modern furniture. Although tubular steel is standard on the classic form, wooden legs have been officially reissued. Many offices and homes prefer oak, cherry or walnut finishes on their Saarinen Executive Chair.

3) The glides on the legs of the Executive Chair are disks of molded nylon and are shrouded in stamped steel.

4) The back of the chair is a molded reinforced polyurethane shell, which gives it modest flexibility adding to its comfort.

5) The seat of the Executive Chair base is made from plywood, a significant modernist medium in modern furniture designs. Plywood has been experimented with by modernist designers since the 1920s, and Eames and Saarinen were at the forefront of mastering the medium.

6) The cushion is upholstered on the plywood, and is typically made from a urethane foam cushion. A quality foam will have a density of measure of 1.8 or higher.

7) A Saarinen Executive Chair that is armless contains no welt detail. This contributes to the minimalism and seamless appearance that defines this piece of modern furniture. The Saarinen Executive Chair with arms, however, has matching full surround welting to further define its sculptural form.

8) The fabric of choice for the Saarinen Executive Chair is boucle, and the classic upholstery color is red (coincidentally, Spinneybeck’s corporate color). Black is a popular choice, and light neutral colors serve well for office furniture. The boucle is luxurious in a home setting, and many interior designers suggest this choice of fabric when Saarinen’s Executive Chairs are used for dining room seating. A quality leather, such as Spinneybeck certainly does not deter from the chair’s notability, and should be chosen where durability is a higher concern.

9) A Saarinen Executive Chair will require about 2 and 3 yards of fabric, or 35 to 40 square feet of leather.

10) The Saarinen Executive Chair complies with California Technical Bulletin 133 for fire safety.

Eero Saarinen’s Executive Chair is the modern professional’s treasury of comfort. By looking at the above ten tips you’ll be able to judge the quality of your designer furniture purchase and you’ll be confident that your new Saarinen Executive Chair is truly the masterpiece of modern design and comfort that Saarinen had intended it to be.

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