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10 Tips to Determine the Quality of Your Eero Tulip Chair Purcha

Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Chair is a visual masterpiece of purity in the realms of interior decorating and interior design. Eero’s Tulip Chair delivers visual freedom from the standard boxy and interruptive square structures from the chairs and seating arrangements that have traditionally furnished homes and offices. The Tulip Chair truly adds freshness to today’s modern furniture selections, and easily incorporates itself into any home design plan. Here are ten features that can help you determine the quality of the Tulip Chair you are purchasing to add to your home or office furnishings:

1) The Tulip Chair is 19 to 20 inches wide (around 50cm) and 31 to 32 inches high (56cm). The seat height is around 18 ½ inches (47cm), and the diameter of the chair is around 21 inches (56cm).

2) Eero’s Tulip Chair weighs around 27lbs (12.24kg), but this will vary depending upon upholstery and other factors.

3) The single leg base of the Tulip Chair is aluminum. The aluminum can be die-cast or moulded. Aluminum’s low-density is true to the light nature of the chair, and die-casting weighs about 60% less. Aluminum is noted for resisting corrosion and its surface quality, as well as dimensional consistency. Basically, die-cast aluminum uses pressure in its process, and moulded casting uses gravity.

4) The base is ideally coated in a Rislan finish, which is a brand name for a bioplastic finish, also referred to as Polyamide or Nylon 11, and is derived from vegetable oil. However, generic resin bioplastics are also from natural sources. These finishes are thicker than paint.

5) The chair is available in a fixed or swivel base making it an appropriate choice of modern furniture for home, dining, bar, and office use.

6) The shell of the chair should be a solid fiberglass mold, the back of the chair and the base of the chair are molded into a singular shape, with a slight curved edge outward. The smooth, sweeping curves on the chair are characteristic of Eero’s classic curves in his architectural masterpieces, such as the St. Louis arch in Minnesota.

7) The base and shell should be one solid color, and is traditionally available in black or white, although white is traditional.

8) The shell should be reinforced with a plastic bonded finish.

9) The chair can be fully upholstered, or contain a singular foam seat cushion. A removable red fabric cushion depicts Eero’s classic Tulip Chair image when chosen with a white shell. Eero’s basic design principal in architecture and modern furniture dictated that the chair should be made to fit its surroundings to compliment the room as a whole, rather than be set apart as a distinct separate furnishing. He frequently referred to the “holistic” view of the interior design. This design principle fully supports a wide selection of upholstery choices that can be integrated into your personal home or office furnishings.

10) If an individual seat cushion is the preference, it should be removable with a Velcro fastening and have a zipper.

Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Chair is a light, airy and classical piece of modern furniture that can be easily assimilated into several styles of modern home design. The Tulip Chair works particularly well in smaller homes or offices because its singular curvaceous base allows for spacious visual continuity. Following the above ten tips will ensure the quality of your Tulip Chair furniture purchase and will help you make a knowledgeable decision in purchasing this notable piece of modern furniture for your home or office’s unique interior design.

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