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10 Tips on How to Find a Quality Eero Aarnio Parabel Table

Eero Aarnio’s Parabel Table is one of the designer’s most organic and fluid designs in modern furniture. Its timeless simple sculptural sophistication, appealing design, and functional practicality, make Eero’s Parabel Table an ideal addition to any modern home or modern office interior design. The Parabel Table’s asymmetrical design celebrates the foundations and principals of the founding fathers in modern architecture and modern furniture. If you are buying a Parabel Table to complement your modern home furniture collection or to modernize your office or lobby furniture, follow these ten tips to make sure your Parabel Table is a quality design based on Eero Aarnio’s original intentions:

1) The Parabel Table should be made from a tough fiberglass. Fiberglass is a medium that is strongly associated with Eero Aarnio’s designs. Eero took into consideration that fiberglass is durable and easy to clean, which is important for any modern table that will be subject to use. This is a part of the “functionality” in the “form and function” of this modern design.

2) To achieve durability, the fiberglass table should also have at least three coats of acrylic paint. Less than that, then the Parabel Table is likely to chip and quickly display its inferiority.

3) Glossy finishes are a noted trademark in modern furniture design. The Parabel Table should be lacquered to a glossy finish.

4) The edges of the tables are smooth and rounded. There are absolutely no hard edges. A Parabel Table with hard edges is not Eero’s Parabel Table.

5) There should be no wrinkles in the joined area of the top and bottom of the table. They should meld together seamlessly.

6) The side table will weigh between 30 and 33 pounds (15kg), however the Parabel Dining Table with an oval top is significantly heavier at around 198lb (90kg), and the round Parabel Dining Table is 176 lb (80kg).

7) The Parabel Table is made in different sizes, however the original size is 23.6″ (60 cm) tall and 23.6″ (60 cm) wide. The depth of the Parabel Table should also be around 23.6″ (60 cm). The height for both the oval and round Parabel Dining Tables should be approximately 28.3” (72cm). The length of the round table is around 51.8” (130cm), whereas the length of the oval table is 64.6” (164cm). The width of Eero’s round dining room table is 51.2″ (130 cm), and the width of Eero’s oval Parabel Table is 43.3″ (110 cm).

8) The delivery package size for the standard Parabel Table will be approximately 26.5” (67.31) x 26.5” (67.31) x 26..5” (67.31). The Dining Room tables will often come in two boxes – one for the top and one for the bottom. Of course, this will vary with packing material and size of the table.

9) The volume will be approximately 10.6 cubic feet for Eero’s classic table, 25.1 cubic feet for the oval dining room table, and 67.1 cubic feet for the round Parabel Table.

10) The Parabel Table should be white if you are seeking to conform to Eero’s specifications and design intentions. However, many colors are available, and these may be more suitable to your modern home furniture surroundings.

Purchasing a Parabel Table is a solid assurance that you have added a design piece that will be visually unified with any modern home or office interior design. If you are looking for that one piece of modern furniture design that is timeless and will incorporate with any modern design, you can be confident that the Parabel Table is your best choice. The Parabel Table is also the safest choice for someone who is just beginning their modern furniture collection. Buying a Parabel Table will give you a beautifully sculptured designer piece with practical applications. If you want to be confident that you are buying a quality Parabel Table, follow the ten tips above to ensure that you are making a quality modern furniture purchase to add to or begin your modern furniture home collection.

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