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10 Qualities Of An Eero Aarnio Ball Chair

The ball chair , also referred to as the globe chair, was designed by Eero Aarnio in 1966. The chair made its first appearance at the International Furniture Fair in Cologne and continues to wow people because of its quality and design. Thinking about purchasing a ball chair ? Here are some qualities that make the ball chair one that’s definitely worth considering.

  • The ball chair is ultra comfortable! The inside of the chair is fully cushioned. The seat has an additional cushion that can be removed. Because of its warmth and coziness, it has been referred to as a “room within a room”.
  • The interior provides spacious room. You can sit with your legs folded underneath you, read a good book, chat on your cell phone, or use your laptop. There’s plenty of room.
  • The outside of the ball chair , the shell, is made from molded fiberglass. The shell is extremely durable and of high quality. Although the shell color can be customized, white and black continue to be the most popular colors.
  • Wondering how sturdy the ball chair is? Weighing a little over 100 pounds, the chair is extremely sturdy. No need to be cautious sitting in the chair, or concerned about a small child jumping into the chair–it’s not going anywhere!
  • The ball chair is fully rotational. It has a smooth ball-bearing axis which allows a person to easily rotate and face in whatever direction he/she chooses. This is a fun feature if there’s a lot of activity in a room. With just moving your feet, you can watch TV, join in on a conversation, or face the wall to read a few pages of a great book.
  • The upholstery is of high-end as well. There’s a choice of imported wool fabric, leather, etc. The fabric comes in a wide variety of colors, from a bright pink to black.
  • Given it’s simplistic, yet amazing shape, the chair is a home interior’s dream chair! There are so many great options for coffee tables, lights, window treatments, etc. to enhance the look of the ball chair.
  • Because the ball chair is highly regarded, it’s a great investment. If there’s a need to resell the chair, you should be able to sell it close to your purchasing price.
  • A fun feature of the ball chair is the optional built-in sound system. The surround sound allows you to thoroughly enjoy your favorite music or book on tape, while blocking everyday sounds. Imagine 15-20 minutes of uninterrupted relaxation and music!
  • A matching ottoman is also an option. If you like sitting with your feet propped up, then the ottoman is the way to go. The ottoman’s cushion matches the chair’s cushion and the base is the same color as the chair shell.

If you are looking for a top of the line, uniquely designed chair, then the Eero Aarnio ball chair may just be that chair! It’s quality is remarkable and the options of where to place the chair are numerous.

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