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10 Interesting Tidbits About The Hanging Bubble Chair

So you’ve seen the ads for the hanging bubble chair , or maybe you’re lucky enough to own one. What do you know about the chair? Do you know who the designer is? The most popular color choice? Which celebrities have tried out the chair? Check out these fun and interesting facts!

  • The hanging bubble was designed by Eero Aarnio. Eero Aarnio , the designer of the ball chair and pastil chair, designed the hanging bubble chair . He also has designed a number of tables, lamps and children’s decor.
  • The hanging bubble chair was inspired by dome shaped skylights. After spending a fair amount of time studying some skylights, Eero Aarnio contacted the manufacturer to find out if they could make a bigger bubble! He thought it would be a lot of fun to give the appearance of sitting in midair. He added a steel ring, a comfy seat, and thought it only deserving to hang it from the ceiling.
  • The first bubble chair was made in Finland. In 1968, Eero Aarnio designed this fun innovative chair. This was a couple of years after designing the ball chair, also known as the globe chair.
  • A bubble chair can be used outside! Because the bubble chair is lightweight and weather resistant, you can hang it on a porch or a patio. How relaxing is that! Or of course it can be used in most any room in the house. The bubble chair can be suspended from the ceiling or from a special stand.
  • Sound is muffled. When you kick back in a bubble chair, everyday sounds are muffled. This is one feature that makes the chair so appealing. It provides a great escape and playing your ipod sounds amazing inside the bubble.
  • Celebrities have been spotted sitting inside of bubble chairs! Celebrities, such as the Olsen twins, Carmen Electra and Darryl Hannah have tried out the bubble chair.
  • Silver and white remain the top color choice. Although the bubble chair cushions are now available in some fun colors, such as purple or yellow, silver or white is the most popular choice.
  • The transparent bubble was designed to allow light in. Eero Aarnio wanted the chair to have plenty of light, and that’s why he chose to use clear acrylic for the bubble.
  • The bubble chair hits the big screen! This fun chair has been used in several films and some commericals, which has added to its popularity.
  • Flowers aren’t found just in gardens. You can now purchase funky floral cushions for your bubble chair–a great choice for a young girl or teenage girl! If flowers aren’t your thing, customize your cushions with a different pattern.

Now that you know some of the facts regarding the hanging bubble chair, if you get the opportunity, try one out! Go ahead and swing a little, curl up, and let the loud noise escape. The bubble chair will provide years of relaxation and fun and can be used most anywhere.

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