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10 Round Accessories To Complement Your Bubble Chair

If you’re thinking about purchasing a hanging bubble chair , or possibly already own one, you’ll soon discover how much fun this chair is! It’s a great place to relax, sway back and forth in, and escape everyday stressors. The bubble chair was designed by Eero Aarnio in the 1960s. It was an instant hit and continues to be very popular. Here are some fun ways to accessorize the space in or around your bubble chair with round objects.

  • Mirrors. If your bubble chair is in a corner, place several round mirrors of various sizes on the two walls. Place some that are eye level when sitting in the chair. As you sway or twirl in your chair, it will be fun to catch reflections in the mirrors.
  • Chinese paper lanterns. Whether your chair is on the front porch or in the bedroom, Chinese paper lanterns are a fun element. Hang several of these paper balls at different heights. Paper lanterns come in all sorts of great colors.
  • Round pillows. Place a couple of round pillows in your bubble chair for added comfort. Your choice of size, fabric and color are practically unlimited!
  • Floating lights. Thinking about a bubble chair to use next to the pool? Accessorize with a few round floating lights in the pool. You’ll enjoy watching the lights bob up and down.
  • Candles. Place candle balls on the coffee table, bookshelves, side stand, or even on the floor, to be used at night time. The more the better! No need to worry about something catching on fire, if you purchase the battery operated flickering light candles.
  • Hanging lights. If your bubble chair is out on the deck, accessorize the deck with hanging round lights. You can get lights that look like miniature paper lanterns or frosted snowballs. Go with white or color lights.
  • Coffee table. Place a round coffee table in front of your bubble chair. Choose a table with a glass top and a unique base. For added fun, place a couple of round pieces of pottery on the table top.
  • Polka dots. Large polka dots have made a return!!! Customize your cushions with fabric containing polka dots. Make polka dot pillows or curtains. Use large round picture frames and frame polka dot material.
  • Ornaments. Ornaments aren’t just for Christmas! Purchase round satin, acrylic or glass balls and hang them at varying heights from the ceiling with white ribbon. If your bubble chair is in the bedroom, place mirrors on the walls and use acrylic or glass clear ball ornaments for a striking romantic look.
  • Solar stake lights. To accessorize a garden or pond area for your chair, place round solar stake lights near your chair. You can choose white lights or color lights. Some solar lights can even rotate from one color to the next.

These are just some ideas to help you get started. The hanging bubble chair is so unique in shape and style, that you’ll want to add fun elements to the space. So go ahead and experiment.

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