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5 Best Lounge Chairs for making Love

When it comes to romance everything has to be just right, including the environment like furniture. The appropriate furniture can help in creating a romantic environment and if ambiance is the key to getting the most of every romantic encounter then consider some of these chairs which are great for making love.

Barcelona chair

What could be more romantic than a chair fit for kings and queens? The Barcelona chair, which was designed by architects and lovers Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Roche, is a modern chair designed to fit the regal design of the German Pavilion in the 1929 Barcelona World Fair. The fact that the Spanish Royals sat on the chair when they visited the German Pavilion made the Barcelona chair a symbol of royalty. No woman could resist a little romance in such a fine chair as the Barcelona chair.

Eames lounge chair

The Eames lounge chair was designed by Ray and Charles Eames. The chair, which was made of leather and molded plywood, was aimed at the high end market. When paired with the Eames Ottoman, the Eames lounge chair can be a fitting venue for a seduction scene.

Arne Jacobsen egg chair

Designer Arne Jacobsen made the chair for Copenhagen’s Radisson SAS Hotel in 1958. Jacobsen was known for using new materials and pushing such material to the limit to come up with intriguing chairs. Only a few egg chairs and couches have been made and understandably so because of the high tag price of $60,000. You can get high quality replicas for much less, and still be part of this piece of art. Anyone would love to be made love to on top of this rare and expensive chair.

Heart chair

Just looking at the image silhouette would tell anyone why this was named the heart chair. At the time it was designed and released by Verner Panton the heart chair was considered futuristic. It stirred the New Yorkers so much that the New York Police was called in to remove the chair at a shop window because it has caused traffic and chaos when it was exhibited. Despite its controversial history the heart chair is really a comfortable and functional chair not only for sitting down but also for making love.

Hanging bubble chair

Whoever has tried making love in a hanging bubble chair would confirm how useful this chair can be when it comes to that activity. The Finland-sourced hanging bubble chair was designed by Eero Aamio in 1968. This chair has special acoustic features such that it muffles any sound isolating you inside the chair. Every order of the hanging bubble chair comes with a chain—the longer the better so you can hang it from the highest ceiling you can find. Who said making love should be traditional and ordinary?

Making love should not be mundane at all and when you’ve tried that in any of these chairs then you’ll know the reason why.