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With its distinctive design, the Heart Chair is immediately recognizable in any setting and lifts the spirits of any observer with its happy and comfortable appearance. Created by Danish designer, Vernon Panton in 1959, this chair was one of the iconic symbols of a time where staid tradition was deserted in favor of bold design and striking heart shape. A disciple of the legendary Arne Jacobsen in the early 50’s, Panton intentionally tried to do away with traditional arms and legs of chairs. He came up with an inverted cone shape, which naturally progressed into the recognizable heart shape of the finished product. Similar in concept to the Womb and Swan Chairs, the high back wraps around you enveloping you in comfort and security. The chair is remarkably comfortable once you get used to the idea that there is no visible support under it. Be sure to leave sufficient space as the chair measures 42’ wide and 40’ high – it deserves a prominent space where it can be marveled at. The Heart Chair is available in red – of course.   The Heart Cone Chair takes its name from its heart-shaped silhouette. Designed in 1959, this seat blends the elegance of the 1950s with the charm of 1960s design. Yet, for all its extravagance, the Heart Cone Chair is a comfortable club chair for everyday use.


* Blended Microfiber Upholstery
* Stainless Steel Base

* Genuine TOP-GRADE Fabric
* Stable and reliable
* Meets architectural specifications of the original design

Available Colors:
* Red
* Premium Custom Colors (see chart below)

Why this item:
* Luxurious Fabric NOT cheap fabric
* Thicker Fiberglass frame than other retailers
* RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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