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*Price is for 2 bar stools.* An extraordinary stool, for extraordinary tastes. And just because it’s called a bar stool, doesn’t mean that’s all it is good for. Originally designed by Stefeno Giovannoni, form and function combine beautifully in this totally usable daily seat. Not only does the Bombo Bar Stool spin all the way around for 360 degree viewing, it also raises and lowers to suit any size counter or bar. Just because you may need them to go in your post-college apartment where your double- stacked milk crates pull storage AND dining duty, doesn’t mean they won’t also charm important guests inside your custom-built chef’s kitchen, once you’ve hit the big time! Oh, and did you know they’re also perfect for entertaining AS bar stools? You know you’ve been designing your out-door party space for years- considering these are made out of tough plastic composites whose melting temperature is 221 degrees, your parties will have to get pretty hot to even come close to the visual heat the Bombo Bar stools create! The Bombo Bar stool is as luxurious as a swivel bar stool can get. Maximum quality and design you can’t go wrong with the Bombo bar stool. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY CHEAP REPLICAS. This is the best quality version of the bombo bar stool you will find anywhere. Consumers looking for bar stools counter height will need to be aware of the variety of heights you will find in your search for bar stool furniture. They can also come in regular chair height, but if the need is for a higher stool, then measuring from the floor to the underside of the counter edge will ensure that you do not make the mistake of buying a bar stool 30 inches high when you really needed one at 29 inches. Tape Measure-the all-important shopper’s helper. If you’re shopping online, make sure that you find the seat height somewhere in the description. If it’s not there, no matter how much you like the style, move on, or, if you like it so much, call the seller and be assertive about needing the seat height. If you’re shopping in a store, you’ll want to carry a tape measure with you. You’ll need a metal tape measure, not the one you use for sewing. The second factor. There is another measurement factor and that is the span that should occur between the bar stool seat and the underside of the counter. Once you have the seat height, you’ll want to compare that to the underside of the counter height. The importance here is to ensure there is enough room for legs to fit between the seat and the counter. A standard allowance is, at minimum, 8 inches. This span may put small children at a disadvantage, but a firm cushion will make up for the difference-provided the stool has a back. The third factor. If the bar stool 30 inches high comes with a cushion it gets a little more complicated. A soft cushion will depress with the weight of legs, so that adding an inch or two to the span should keep the sitter comfortable. If the bar stool comes with a cushion made with dense foam, you will need to measure from the top of the cushion to make sure you have accounted for the legroom. If you’re shopping online, it may be wise to take the span measurement after you’ve learned how the cushion is made, have the actual seat height and know the height of the cushion. As mentioned in the beginning, bar stools counter height is an unforgiving measurement, and stools can vary by as much as 3 inches-between 29 and 30 inches. Be aware of these measurements when you shop. This will help you to decide if the bar stool furniture you’re considering will fit properly.


* 360 degree swivel seat
* Sturdy ABS plastic seat
* Chrome base and foot restBenefits:
* Brand new in box
* Height adjustable
* 4 colors to choose from
Available Colors:
* Black

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Black, Premium Custom Color (+$199.00)


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