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Contemporary Furniture Ideas to Compliment your Coconut Chair

The Coconut Chair was designed in the mid 50’s by one of the founders of American Modernism, George Nelson. The striking design of the chair is intended to represent an eighth of a coconut shell and shows off the inverted colors of the tropical fruit – white on the outside plastic shell and black leather, or a variety of colors, for the one-piece upholstered cushion. The choice of accompanying furnishing will allow the accent to fall on the iconic 50’s chair and allows the designer a variety of styles or themes.

The Nelson End Table. The table mimics the circles contained in the design and carries the chrome and black finish of the original chairs design.

The Eames Sofa. Considered co-founders of American Modernism, the contemporary design couple of Ray and Charles Eames worked with Nelson and collaborated on some designs. The rectangular shape and parallel lines give an excellent contrast to the smooth curves of the chair.

The Nelson Bench. Also a product of the versatile George Nelson, the straightforward lines reflect Nelson’s architectural background. Like many design classics it can be used flexibly as either a bench or an occasional table.

The Noguchi table. This table has a smooth triangle triangular design which complements the shape of the Coconut chair and extends the theme of unique shape into the rest of the setting. The unusual base adds visual appeal with the chair.

The Eames Elliptical table. Smooth lines in this tables design counter the sharp corners of the Coconut Chair and highlight the sweep of the rounded seat at the same time. The legs of the chair match those of the chair for color and style.

The Marshmallow Sofa. For a bit of eclectic style, combine coconut chairs with this famous, but slightly uncomfortable sofa. Another product of George Nelson’s busy mind, this cheerful design continues the theme of circular design at the base of the coconut chair and comes in a variety of accent colors which will combine, or match with that of the chair.

The Nelson Ball Clock. For a bright conversation piece that will add color and tie in perfectly to the Coconut Chair theme, mount this clock in the same room. As the legend goes, the designers Nelson, Isamu Noguchi and Irvin Harper had a glass of wine too many at a dinner party and one of them drew the design for the clock during the course of the evening. Although he claimed that the design was probably done by Noguchi, the clock bears Nelson’s name.

The Eames Hang-it-all coat rack. The orbs used in the design of the rack fit in well with the circular theme carried by the Marshmallow Sofa, Ball Clock and the Coconut Chair. Co-ordinate your colors, learn the history behind the designs that generated the style and vision of the 50’s and you have a modernistic theme that ties in perfectly to the feel of the era.