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10 ways to use lighting to improve your home decor

No matter how much time money and energy your send in decorating your house to perfection, without the proper lighting, it is all a complete waste. The fact of the matter is that lighting can make or mar your entire effort. Use the correct lighting to enhance your décor, and your home can become a showplace; use the wrong lighting, and all your efforts come to nil. Here are some ideas, for the right kind of lighting to enhance your home décor.

1. Try using and bringing in as much daylight as you can. Not only will sunlight brighten up any room, it will freshen your furnishings, and get rid of must and smells. It is healthy and cheering and soothing.  

2. Open up more windows and skylights towards the side that faces the sun. if you have a west-facing room, a well placed window can give you warm afternoon light till quite late in the evening.

3. Use soft lighting to enhance the effect of sunlight later in the day. Fixtures like wall scones, or paper-covered lamps, give a nice, soft, and diffused kind of light, which acts as an amplifier for the natural light.

4. For places with a cooler overall temperature, yellow light is always a better idea. Yellow light has a warming effect, and the right chandelier or lamp will warm up the entire room.

5. In general, as a rule, yellow light is a better way to show off your décor. White, especially fluorescent light is over bright and harsh.

6. Instead of strip lighting, consider recessed can lighting for your living room etc. this will give a better overall lighting, with the option of focusing on specific areas or showpieces.

7. Group interesting items of furniture or accessories together, for ease of lighting. This eliminates the need to have one bright light source trying to light everything, and allows better-focused lighting.

8. Use spotlights, or stand lamps to bring out specific arrangements, or groups of ornaments.

9. Use lighting to enhance the colors in your room. Light a different colored wall, to create a special effect.

10. Choose the color of the shades and the fixtures to complement those you have used either on your walls, or in furnishings.