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7 Things to consider when purchasing a backless bar stool

The popularity of the bar stool has increased a great deal in recent years as more people are trying to save space in their kitchen or simply spruce up the décor. With this increase in popularity comes an increase in the different types and styles of bar stools that are on the market and it has become increasingly harder to pick which one you want. The most common type of bar stool is the backless bar stool . This means that you simply have a seat mounted upon some sort of frame, made from the material of your choosing. There is no back and no armrest on this type of bar stool. The absence of a backrest is something that you should consider as there are advantages and disadvantages to this bar stool.


  • Space Saver: Many bar stools that have backs are large and often take up a great deal of space in your kitchen or eating area. A backless bar stool is a wonderful option for someone who has limited space as they can be pushed completely under the counter or bar.
  • Weight: The lack of a back rest makes this type of bar stool lightweight and easy to move around. Bar stools with backrests have been traditionally made of wood, which is a heavy material and not a good choice if you have a small space and need to move the stools around.
  • Adjustable: As there are no armrests or backrests, there is often an option to have an adjustable height. You can then change the height of the stool so that you can sit comfortably.
  • Price: These bar stools tend to be less expensive than those that contain backs. They can often be purchased at discount prices making them an even better deal.
  • Durability: It may seem hard to believe that a backless bar stool is more durable than one with a back but it’s true. Bar stool users have found that these stools last longer because you are no putting adding force on the back of the stool. With a bar stool that has a back, it is easy to loosen the nuts or screws, causing the bar stool to begin to wobble and basically fall apart.


  • Comfort: When buying a backless bar stool you are not buying for comfort. This is not the type of stool that you would use if you are planning to sit for a long period of time as there is not option to “sit back and relax”.
  • Variety: If you are looking for a simple backless bar stool then you may be in luck. However, if you want something more elegant then you may need to look elsewhere. Most backless bar stools are simple in design. People have found that when they sit on a backless bar stool they feel that they are at a nightclub or bar whereas a stool with a bar gives a more homey feeling. It is best to try one out before buying to see how you feel about it.