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10 tips to make any room romantic

The essential fact about romance is that small touches can change the entire ambience of any room, taking it from dry and crass, to warm and romantic. You don’t really have to redecorate your entire home, or spend a huge amount of money to turn your rooms into a little, romantic, island of peace. All you really need are some good ideas, and a little personal touch.

  1. Choose the color of your walls carefully. For a romantic room, a warm or earthy color is better than a more impersonal shade. Mix and match shades of sweet pink and orange or cool blue, according to your personal tastes.
  2. Once your walls are done, choose what you put on them. A large print of a hunting scene might be good for the game room, but can hardly be called romantic. Choose softer themes, and renditions when looking for art for your walls.
  3. Find interesting pieces of statuary, preferably with romantic themes, to place in wall niches or in small tables in the corners of the room. This of course is subject to the general décor. Greek statues would look laughable, not romantic, in a cool-modern room. So be careful that they match your overall theme.
  4. Strategically placed mirrors are also a good idea. They reflect the light in the room, and can make the room look much bigger and deeper than it is. They can also add to a dreamlike effect, if that is what you wish to go for as your personal romantic effect.
  5. Light is very important. While bright lights are great for working under, romance demands softer lights and muted effects. Pick soft fluorescents in yellow and pink or bulbs with low wattage. Recessed or spot lighting is also more romantic than strip or overall lighting for a room.
  6. While on the subject of lighting, consider a real or even a faux fireplace for your room. There is nothing more romantic than turning off the lights and having the room illuminated by the dancing flames from a fire.
  7. Place candles around the room, in holders that match your décor. Slim modern candle stands for the modern room, heavy brass candelabra for the baroque/French/Italian/antique.
  8. Light incense or have bowls of pot-pourri around the room. This will freshen and romanticize the room, bringing in fragrances you prefer.
  9. Play around with the furnishings. Add rugs, carpets, lace, scallops and tall curtains. Consider soft throw pillows and cushions in various shapes.
  10. Add other small touches like personal pictures, wall and ceiling moldings, and soft, interesting lamps and lampshades, for that perfectly romantic room.

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