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10 Tips for using Table Lamps and Chandeliers in the Bedroom

Table lamps and chandeliers in the bedroom add fashion and practicality. Table lamps are found in almost every bedroom. Chandeliers have often been reserved for fancy suites or rustic lodges, but they are now “coming of age” for their seamless contribution to interior decorating. Using table lamps and chandeliers in the bedroom can compliment any décor, masculine or feminine, serene or romantic. The bedroom can be one of the most magical rooms in the house – and it should be the most relaxing. Use these tips on using table lamps and chandeliers in the bedroom to keep your bedroom from being just a bed.

1) Use table lamps and chandeliers to help you sleep.

There are volumes of scientific proof that the light you are exposed to affects your sleep. Keep your table lamps in easy reach. Put a dimmer switch on your chandelier. Better yet – get a remote control. If you don’t like falling asleep in the dark, or have a habit of falling asleep while reading – use a timer on your lights.

2) Use table lamps and chandeliers to help you wake up.

Controllable lights at night help controllable lights during the day. Make sure your chandeliers and table lamps provide enough light to get you out of bed. (I don’t think they’ve invented a table lamp that serves you coffee in bed yet.)

3) Use table lamps and chandeliers to compliment your decorating style.

Your bedroom is your haven. It should reflect your style – which should reflect you. There are chandeliers and table lamps for every decorating style. Contemporary chandeliers can have both a smooth modern feel or a Retro Art Deco feel. Chandeliers are now available single-domed as well as multi-tiered, and can be found in almost every finish imaginable. Stainless steel, brass, glass, iron, crystal, wood, beads, track lighting styles and even tinsel-like styles have captured the attention of interior decorators everywhere.

4) Go outside the center.

Your chandelier doesn’t have to be in the center of your bedroom, and your table lamps don’t have to be next to your bed. When designing for your bedroom light décor, experiment with different locations. Hanging two small chandeliers over a dresser is a different look than one large chandelier in the middle. A chandelier over a favorite corner chair gives special allure to that area. The same goes for table lamps. Try focusing on objects, rather than the center of a room.

5) Focus on where the light is directed.

Lighting in the bedroom is tricky because it varies when you’re awake, asleep, half-asleep, or trying to invoke a romantic mood. Having your chandeliers off and a table lamp shining in your face does not make the most romantic ambience. Try different lighting scenarios with table lamps behind plants, or gently highlighting a wall or ceiling with a table lamp. Keep in mind that the light bulbs you use as well as the lamps will affect the results.

6) Focus on your partner.

If you share a bedroom, consider the lighting needs if one is awake and the other is asleep. Try positioning the lighting to be able to light up part of the bedroom. It would also be nice if you could both agree on which table lamps and chandeliers to use.

7) Consider your health.

Using table lamps and chandeliers in the bedroom also means you’ll have to keep them dust free so you’re not breathing in allergens at night. Buy a long duster along with your chandelier if you can’t reach it comfortably.

8) Consider reflections.

Look at your room with the sun reflecting in during the early morning and early evening. Make sure there’s no waste of artificial light from the table lamps or chandeliers. Take notice of how the table lamps and chandeliers reflect off the mirrors and arrange them to the most advantageous point for reflective considerations.

9) Measure your room and furniture before you buy.

Measure your room. Measure the furniture you want the lamps on and the chandeliers near.

10) Don’t forget the kids

Using table lamps and chandeliers aren’t only for the grownups’ bedroom. A chandelier is a beautiful accent to a baby’s room and can add princess-like or funky qualities to a little girl’s rooms. A boy with a western or pirate theme would certainly appreciate a (sturdy) chandelier to hang things on! Don’t forget to keep a table lamp by the changing table so you can clearly see what you’re doing.

Using table lamps and chandeliers for your bedroom makes your bedroom more of what a bedroom should be. The design and flexibility of the table lamps and chandeliers should cater to your daily – and hourly – needs. Design your bedroom lighting strategy. Look at your bedroom. Determine the lighting needs for your bed. Then sleep on it. You’ll figure it out in the morning.

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