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10 Tips on Buying a Quality Risom Lounge Chair

The Danish Risom Lounge Chair adds warmth and timeless beauty to modern furniture collections. The richness of the natural wood, the simplicity of the embracing curve, and the sophistication of the lines in the Risom Lounge Chair weave seamlessly together to create a singular object of modern comfort and modern design. Jens Risom’s Lounge Chair is a beautiful designer addition to any home interior design plan. By following these 10 tips, you’ll be confident that you are buying a quality Risom Lounge Chair to complement your home décor:
1) The armless lounge chair is 29 ¾ inches (75.56cm) high, 20 inches (50.8cm) wide, and has a diameter of 28 inches (71.12cm). Floor to seat measures around 16 ¼ inches (41.27cm). The Risom Lounge Chair with arms is 29 inches high (73.66cm), 23 ½ inches wide (56.69cm) and has a diameter of 25 inches (63.5cm). The length from the floor to arms of the Risom Lounge Chair with arms is 20 inches (50.8cm), and the length from the floor to the seat is 15 ½ inches (39.37cm).
2) The Risom Lounge Chair weighs around 20 pounds (9.07 kilograms).
3) The frame is traditionally constructed from maple hardwood that has a clear or ebonized finish, however walnut and other natural woods are available.
4) There should also be a lacquer finish on the frame.
5) The frame is connected with a “Mortise and Tenon” construction. Simply put, the frame uses its own wood to join the pieces.
6) The upholstery can be 100% cotton or a nylon-cotton blend of 60% nylon and 40% cotton and should have a stain-protective finish.
7) The upholstery is about 25 yards of material, and can be chosen from a wide array of colors.
8) There are 24 woven straps. 16 straps are woven across the width of the chair, and eight straps are woven lengthwise on the chair. The straps are tightly woven for comfort and resiliency, however there is still the presence of space between the woven straps until the curve of the chair where the base and back meet.
9) The left and right corner of the front of the seat should expose the natural wood from the weaving, as should the top corners on the backrest.
10) The bottom of each leg is cut at an angle, and there is a circular floor protector that sits within the base, not a flat floor glider.
The Risom Lounge Chair is a Scandinavian masterpiece of the form and function that modern design has embraced. This modern piece of furniture would fit well in any living room, sunroom, or bedroom modern home design plan. By following the ten tips listed above, you’ll be able to relax knowing that you have purchased a quality Risom Lounge Chair as an addition to your modern home furniture collection.
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