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10 tips before you buy Metal Tulip Chair

A Metal Tulip Chair is a colorful addition to your vintage, cottage, retro, or retro-modern outdoor furnishings . Largely because of its durability, the classic 60’s outdoor metal Tulip Chair continues to liven up porches, backyards, patios and gardens in designer homes . Vintage furniture collectors are emotionally attached to its representation of a more relaxed era. Cottage designers love the robust availability of bright colors. Modern furniture collectors adore the mix of its historical contribution to modern design, as well as the modern tubular base and smooth curved lines that incorporates well with surrounding modern home furnishings. Metal lawn chairs and metal outdoor chairs are not all the same. If you are buying a metal Tulip Chair to compliment your patio, lawn or garden, consider these ten significant details:

1) This chair is made for the outdoors, and the finishes that allowed rust to seep through decades ago have been greatly improved. A quality metal Tulip Chair should be coated with a baked powder enamel finish. The baked powder finish not only keeps the color in the Tulip Chair vibrant, but it is one of the more durable finishes available. The Tulip Chair will be longer lasting and more resistant to chipping than those without the powder coating. As an extra bonus, today’s powder coating process used on metal chairs is more economical and environmentally friendly than the finishes of the past.

2) Examine the curves of the arms. There are “metal lawn chairs” on the market, and “metal Tulip Chairs.” Although they look similar in many aspects, the metal arms on the Tulip Chair have the “rising curve” that not only more truly resembles the petal of a tulip, but it blends in with today’s modern furniture , as opposed to the straight, and rather lifeless arms of a standard metal lawn chair that seeks to imitate the Tulip Chair. Some other lookalikes are the Bellaire metal chair and the Beverly Hills metal chair, both of which are more stagnant than the curvaceous metal Tulip Chair.

3) The arms of the metal Tulip Chair should be securely attached to the middle of the back of the chair, and the front of the bottom of the chair.

4) The metal Tulip Chairs should be able to hold up to 300 lbs. This is due to a strong steel frame. A heavy gauge steel should make up the base. Keep in mind that the smaller the gauge number, the thicker the steel. For instance, a 20 gauge steel would be .0375 inches or .953 mm in US standards. A 22 gauge steel would be .0313 inches or .794 mm. A 24 gauge steel would be .0250 inches or .635 mm.

5) The hardware (screws, rivets) should also be steel to ensure durability.

6) There should be five decorative lines on the back of the chair. One in the center, and two arching outwards approximately ¾ of the way up from the seat of the chair on each side of the center line.

7) The weight of the chair will be around 19-20 lbs.

8) These chairs are approximately 22 x 35 1/2 x 16 ½, although exact measurements may differ.

9) The arms should be one fell swoop to the base with no interruptions, and of course attached securely to the base.

10) Lastly, make sure the metal Tulip Chair has a smooth overall shine, without any visible brushstrokes.

A metal Tulip Chair will liven up any outdoor patio, porch, lawn or garden as brilliantly as a bed of tulips. Outdoor furniture can be strong, durable and beautiful – and that’s exactly what the metal Tulip Chair is. Follow these ten tips to find the metal Tulip Chair that compliments your modern furniture, vintage, cottage, or retro-modern look – and add some color to your outdoor world today.

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