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10 Tips to Improve Lighting in Your Room

Improving lighting in your room is easy with some strategically placed lights. Lighting’s capabilities go beyond the “tabletop lamp next to the couch” scenario. Up lights, down lights, accent lights, recessed light and track lights can all improve the lighting and shading that can brighten or darken any room to fit any mood. If your room hasn’t gone beyond the end-table syndrome, it’s time for you to see the light and improve the lighting in your room.

•1) Open your eyes and look out the window.

It’s true. If your eyes are closed, your room will be darker. Open your eyes and look at each room at different periods of the day. Light coming into the window can counteract artificial lighting. Keep the lights out of the path of the sun. The lights in your room will have to consider sunny days and cloudy days.

•2) Look at yourself.

Gorgeous. I know. Pretend you’re in the room you’re trying to lighten up. Determine exactly where you spend your time in your room and what activities you’re doing when you’re there. If you don’t read in bed, get the lights on the wall or ceiling and put your nightstand to better use. Are you reading your cookbooks in the kitchen instead of your favorite reading chair? Make sure you have ample task lighting. Your moods will also affect your lightening preferences. Some like it light – some do not. Even if you like dark – lights can create designer shadowing or a soft romantic glow in your room. Determine if you like dark for resting, for romance, or both.

•3) Add another dimension to your room.

Lighting has the capability to create dimension to an otherwise boring room. Hanging lights or pendant lights take the focus off the walls. To liven up the walls, wall sconces keep the walls from appearing flat.

•4) Use reflections.

Although you don’t want the sun to wash away your home lighting – lighting does wonders on mirrors and glass. If you need to make a room look bigger – plan a mirror and light decorating strategy.

•5) Lighten your room with direction.

Up lighting, down lighting, and track lighting all create lighting elements that lightens up the room without being focused on the lighting source.

•6) Look at the floors in your room.

Lighting up your room can also be done by taking advantage of hidden spots. Highlight the plants and statues that are on your floor. Play with lighting on the floor behind the couch and in corners.

•7) Look at things you love.

Use accent lights to highlight your favorite pictures, books, baseball card collection – whatever you have hanging on your walls. Subtly is the key. You want the light to highlight the object so the object is the center of attention in the room, not the accent light.

•8) Become an artist.

Light is like paint. You can use directional lightening, shading, “wall washing,” create patterns and designs. Consider a beam of light a paintbrush and create.

•9) Consider the whole more than the parts.

While you’re making your plans to lighten your room, make sure you keep an eye on the result. If you have an affinity for lamps – then go for the eclectic look. But make sure that each element of lighting you use in your room compliments the other.

•10) Smile.

A smile lightens up any room.

To improve the lighting in your room just start with taking a look at your room and yourself. It’s easy to get your room’s lighting plans going – just start with a smile and you’ve already begun!

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