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10 Tips before you buy Eero Aarnio Tomato Chair

Eero Aarnio’s Tomato Chair is a splendid example of Eero’s mastery of circles in his modern furniture creations. Eero Aarnio did not fashion this colorful chair after a tomato, he fashioned the Tomato Chair around the word “tomato” – replicating the placement of the letter “o” in the word tomato in an artistic form of tOmatO. Interior designers seeking vibrant colors, (particularly red), Aarnio fans, modern furniture enthusiasts and the appreciators of modern art and sculpture are exceedingly happy to have the opportunity to display the richly colored Eero Aarnio Tomato Chair in their home. If you are buying an Eero Aarnio Tomato Chair for your home, follow these ten tips to assess the quality of your purchase:

1) The voluptuous, but symmetrical circular geometric form is the foundation of the Tomato Chair’s design. The two armrests should be the same diameter.

2) The back of the Tomato Chair should be the same diameter but stretched to provide a comfortable back.

3) The height of this Eero creation is generally 27.4″ (69.5 cm), the width of the chair is about 55.1″ (140 cm), and the depth of the chair should be near 44.5″ (113 cm).

4) The weight of the chair should be around 46.2 lb. (21 kg).

5) The Tomato Chair, like many of Eero Aarnio’s creations, should be made of fiberglass, glass-reinforced polyester.

6) A lush red depicts the designer’s original intentions, however designers today can’t resist personalizing the color because of the lively plumpness of Eero’s design.

7) There is only one seam across the center width of the chair and it should be joined firmly together.

8) The Tomato Chair must have a high glossy lacquered finish.

9) The Tomato Chair should be stable on its base. The Tomato Chair was created after Eero Aarnio’s Pastil chair with a goal to be more stable.

10) If you are having the Tomato Chair delivered, the volume of the carton size will be approximately 21.75” (55.24cm) by 36.5” (92,71cm) by 37” (93.98cm) and have a volume of 17.7 cubic feet.

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Eero Aarnio’s bulbous Tomato Chair is a cheerful addition to any interior decorating plan. Its durability is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. By looking at the ten tips listed above to assess the quality and determine the specifications of your Eero Tomato Chair, you’ll be satisfied knowing that you have a quality Tomato Chair in your possession to enjoy with your designer modern furniture collection.

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